Keyframe adjustment or script?

  • Hi All,

    I've got a figure animated using IPI Mocap Studio which creates key framed animation/movement. Problem is my client thinks the arms are slightly (and unnaturally) too far away from the figures body.

    So... is there a script or way to quickly readjust all the frames to bring the arms closer to the body?

    Thanks in advance,

    James :)

    ps I have Poser Pro 11

  • I usually just add a layer to the animation, and then adjust the offending body part from that.

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    You can adjust an entire span of keys -such as shoulder up/down keys- by clicking on the little triangle to the right of the shoulder up/down parameter on the parameter palette.
    Here, I open the hip actor's X translation parameter graph:
    alt text

    When the graph opens, you left click & drag-select a span of keyframes. That selected span will turn charcoal grey. You can slide them forward/backward in time with the cursor as double horizontal arrows, or use CTRL+leftclick to get the vertical arrows and you can slide the values higher/lower.
    alt text
    You can see the doll's arm raise/lower in real time as you drag up/down, if the current frame is within the selected span.

    You may need to click/stretch the endpoint of the timeline slider (in the graph palette) to change the graph scale such that all of the relevant frames are visible in the graph. If your monitor is small, it may be easier to select and adjust sections of the shoulder keys.

  • Thank you both for the replies, I'll give it a go! :)

  • @seachnasaigh That worked! Thanks so much! :tada: