Weird issue with the blend and eraser tool

  • Hi im new here but i assume this is were I go if I have a problem, so, im having this weird problem, one it's that out of nowhere the blend tool starts adding color, and only happens after add color in the drawing, and other its that I use the eraser, then the program stops a little and the part that was erased resets and theres color again.... Anyway, anyone can help me out here?

  • You can get those effects by small changes to the tool settings... so that wouid be the first thing to check before assuming the system has gone wrong.

    You would get that change to the Blur/blend tool. It may add existing color by pulling it along if you have the Color stretch setting higher than a normal low setting or if the Density of paint setting was more than zero.

    The eraser behaviour could be caused if Starting and ending settings were set decrease opacity or size at the end of a stroke of that eraser.

  • Oh okay, now I see it, the problem really is the color stretch, when I have a new layer with color in it, the option color stretch of the blend tool is locked, but only if I have more than I layer....