Prefitter Beta

  • I just uploaded into Content Paradise a Beta version of a prefiting utilty for clothing, prop hair, and accessories.


    The fitting procedures in the fitting room are generic and work best for small corrections. Results for large changes in shape leave something to be desired. Change of position of arms or legs for example is diffcult to achieve.

    I found this prefitter allows me to do the lion's share of a large transformation process in one mouse click while still in the Pose room. In many cases no further fitting is necessary and all you need to do in the fitting room is create the figure.

    The Prefitter consists of a generic 'suit' prop fitting the donor and morphs for that suit to other figures. The PoserPro 11 'copy morphs from' functionality is then used to shape the mesh of clothing and hair to suit the target. The morphs in the props are developed using fabric dynamics simulated in Marvelous Designer 6, with attention to maintain good fit of the 'suit' to key points. This adds a level of 'intelligence' in the transformation and so can give better results than the generic procedures in the fitting room.

    This Beta contains morphs to support conversions of geometry of hair and clothing intended for V4 to:

    • Pauline
    • Roxie
    • Bella (Beta 98-b)
    • Dawn
    • Adwoman
    • Miki3 and Miki4


    • load the prefitter into the scene (Make invisible if necessary)
    • for prop hair, prop accessories, prop clothing: use menu 'Object|Copy morphs from ...' to get the conversions in.
    • for conforming items: load the original .obj file (use 'Scripts|printinfo|listfiles' to get full address line for copy-paste into the import file selector)
    • in the prop set the morph for your target figure to 1.0
    • Check fit, use 'edit morph' to correct where necessary.
    • if you want a conformer, proceed to fitting room.


    • when working from base mesh for figures you need to port the texture separately
    • Results will vary. No guarantee.
    • Conversion info does not cover hands and feet. I tried to include feet but results were disappointing.


    • Improve maintaining of position of nipples, nose and ears.
    • make converter from other figures with large support. (V3; GenX)
    • Add support for Antonia and ProjectE figure (when it comes out).
    • Make it more modular by adding .pmd files.

  • I like it. I tried it with some really tight unwelded pants, and they came out quite good. Some small fixes were required, but I could easily do them with the morph brush. I didnt have to fire up ZBrush.


  • Poser Ambassadors

    Looks great!

  • Miki 4 and Poserworlds "City Girl" set. This does not work perfectly, if I correct this with the morph brush, the seams will flatten out. The crotch area is great, but the legs are not.


  • Oops, Miki wasn't zeroed.


    The back needs some fixing, obviously the feet even more (but that was mentioned).


    I really like it.

  • The foot area is a problem though. The legs are too long, shoes do not work.
    So, while it's great in producing a raw fit I will still need an external modeler for pants.


  • @bantha
    Thank you. This is the sort of feedback I can work with.

    I understand this is the item you used:
    alt text
    I had not tested with a pant that is so long it will fall to the ground even if the figure wears heels, LOL!
    Guess I need to make such a pant for V4 now to test it.

    The base suit used to draw the morph info from stopped above the ankle. I had taken off the 'socks' because they gave trouble. I am working now on an update covering more of the foot so to have better coverage, but not sure this will solve the problem. Will see how far we come in the Beta2 version.
    Miki like all Smith Micro figures is built with her feet flat on the ground, so the pant should be too long for her in her default pose. Now that I think of it, adding info depending on the foot bending may bring in a whole new range of trouble.

    It will be impossible to make a perfect solution. A lot depends on the fit of the original clothing. Large poke-thru margin o the original V4 shape gives larger distance from the morph-suit so the morph vector will be less strong. This may lead to poke-thru in the morphed shape.
    I am adding a few fixup morphs now to correct crotch height and achieve general size-up=poke-thru margin.

    By any means please let keep the comments coming.

  • OK I made long pants for V4 and converted them to Miki4.
    Here they are shown side by side.
    0_1490129621306_Miki wearing V4Pants.png
    0_1490129907901_Miki wearing V4Pants-2.png
    The fit to Miki4 before rigging in the fitting room took a small vertical shift to correct the crotch and, when posed, a touch with the morph brush under her butt.
    Of course the clothing deformers were applied.

    Sorry about the less stylish texture. It is a simple procedural with a saw-tooth in U (weft) direction driving a blender between two colors through a step function.