Content creator file header question

  • I am a content creator for MeshWorks. I use DS3a primarily, and only have PoserPro for testing. I try to make my products, mostly props, work in any version of either Poser or Daz.

    My question is about commented lines in pp2 and cr2 files. I like to have brief product, version and author information at the top of the file before the Poser version tag. Does this mess with newer Poser versions?

    Typically this;
    # Horizons SkyHab - Main Floor Cr2 Ver 1.1
    # Krown Products Original - Copyright 2016
    number 5

    Is there a better location for the comment tags? Thanks in advance.

  • Hi.

    You'll be glad to know the commented lines are ignored and cause no issues in both Poser 2014 and Poser 11 pro, tested for you with pp2s and cr2s.

    My personal preference would be to place them where you have, at the top, as this is less likely to cause problems for you latter

  • You can also use a double slash // as a comment line. As far as I know these are still accepted by later versions, although you can expect them to be lost if the file is saved. I've just tested this with Les Bentley's MinFig which contains a // comment in Poser 11.

    An alternative method I've seen used is to create a dummy material line, where the material name is the information you want. The advantage of this method is that it's preserved during a save, and it's also visible to the user in the material room.

    I have available Poser 6, 7, 10 and 11 (all non-Pro) and can test specific examples if you want.

  • @adi Thank you for that information. I recently had a customer complain about it.

  • @englishbob Hi EB! It's been a long time since I've spoken to you.

    That's a great idea about using the dummy material line. But that would have to go below the figure data. That's good and all, but then I'll have to search the file to find it.

    The top header is mostly for my own use. So maybe the answer is to use both methods. The copy and creator info in the dummy mat, and name/version in the header.

    Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • @englishbob Thinking about it for a moment, I am not sure how to set this up. I am still a DS user, and never see the material as I would in Poser. Can you give me a brief sample?

    EDIT; Argh, had to wait for a forum cool down. This is exactly why I don't use SM products...

  • @meshworks - you're right that the material method is more intricate to set up. If your only concern is version tracking for yourself, and maybe proof of ownership when you're pirate hunting, then the comment lines are probably adequate. They also don't call attention to themselves to the same extent.

    Les Bentley's MinFig is a light, minimal CR2 figure which was made as a vehicle to parent props to, in the days when MAT poses could only be applied to a figure. It has both commenting methods embedded in it. It's public domain; I host a copy here:

    Hope it helps, if it doesn't, count to ten and get back to me. ;)

  • @englishbob Yeah, just looked at it. That will certainly work for Poser, but I am pretty sure DS will ignore it as it does with so much other material data. I will use the dummy mat idea when needed.

    Thanks again for that!

  • @englishbob LOL... For the complaining customer, I sent him an updated cr2 without the header... but with 5! dummy materials embedded in them.

  • @meshworks - I've done enough customer support to secretly appreciate that gesture. :)