My Prop-Only BJD Character for Poser

  • I created a prop-only collection of body parts which make up a Ball-Joint Doll, and set them up as a group of props for use inside Poser. (I use Poser Pro 11). This character cannot be used for animation, unles you are making stop-motion frames to compile into a video. Reason is because it is NOT a rigged figure ! I generated the body parts using Terawell Doll Designer, then I cleaned up the parts using Shade 3D. I adjusted the position of the parts inside Poser, and then adjusted the joint parameters so that the Centre and End of each Joint Parameter of each part more or less coincide in 3D space. The location of the Centre and End of each Joint Parameter roughly falls where the body part must pivot around - just like a real BJD or poseable jointed doll. Then I tested adjustment with actual poses. I also created material zones on the Head, Abdomen and Thighs, so that the doll looks like it has face and hair and clothing painted on it. Because this is a set of parented props, this doll's body parts can be separated to make it look like it is falling apart.


    I plan on preparing this figure for upload to my account at ShareCG.

  • @ibr_remote To show how the character is actually a collection of props only, here is a semi-exploded view:-


  • Therefore, one may easily pull together a collection of props, use the Joint Parameter utility and change the positions of the Centre and End of each prop body part, and parent the props together in Hierarchy View (of course, in a logic relationship).

    As mentioned, this is NOT a rigged character, so don't expected to be able to do native animation inside Poser. You CAN render frame by frame like in a Stop-Motion movie, because you need to pose the character's prop body parts individually.

    This approach of using individual body parts could also work for transforming robots, perhaps. I should try that some time.

  • And finally, by using Poser's Material creation tool and shader nodes inside the Material Room, I created material zones and settings which can be changed to give the Head prop expressiveness.