Help! All my material is gone!

  • I was renaming a material folder, entered the new name and hit "Enter" to validate then suddenly Clip Studio Paint crashed (CSP never crashed on my computer before).
    When I launched it again, absolutely all of my material was gone (stuff I downloaded from the asset websites but also preinstalled material like the manga material and 3D models etc.)! I still have all the folders but they're all empty.

    Has it happened to anyone before? Is there a way to retrieve them on my PC? I know materials are saved on My Documents > Celsys_EN>ClipStudioCommon but I've never understood the logic behind those folders.
    While I'm at it, is there an efficient way to back them up in case CSP crashes again?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi @rafchu,

    Doing so most likely broke the settings. To fix this, you can do a clean re-installation. You can always reach out to Customer Support, as well ( I hope this helps!


  • Thank you!
    After trying lots of different manipulations, it's clear that the material is still here but invisible.
    When I type the name of the material in the material search field, it appears in the search field but not in its dedicated folder.
    Even if I re-download them from the assets website, it still doesn't appear in the folders.

    I'll manage to retrieve it all but is there a way to safely back all the material up somewhere on my hard drive? I don't really trust the cloud anymore.

  • @rafchu Unfortunately, the materials are part of the application. The may be there, but all of the dependencies have been broken. Reinstalling will not fix the issue most likely. You will need to do a clean reinstallation. Please contact our customer support team at with your Operating System version for instructions.

  • If you navigate to the CELSYS_EN folder located in my documents and rename the 'MaterialDB' folder to 'MaterialDB-copy' then launch the software it should rebuild the material database.

    Alternative is in the Clip Studio asset DL'er in the setting's under maintenance menu you can have it reset/re-organize the material folders if you have it installed.

  • @baco Thank you, I'll keep that in mind for next reinstallation!