Newbie: I just want to be able to swap a new figure in, keep same pose

  • Hi! I've searched for 1.5 hours but couldn't find a simple help/tutorial on how to swap a new figure in but keep the same pose. I've posed a male model, now I just want to change the male to female (keep same pose). Would someone kindly help me.

    Sorry, I'm sure this is a simple task. I'm using Poser Pro 11


  • @absolutelyperilous Hi Shirley, welcome to Poser Land

    Providing the figures are rigged the same, M4 V4 for example, then you can select your posed figure, go to the library create or select an existing folder, click the + bottom left to add a pose. hide or delete your current figure, add your new one then select the new one and double click the pose.

    If the 2 figures are not compatible you will get a warning and the results are liable to be "interesting"


  • Select the figure, then in the library, select the new figure but don't double click it. Instead, click the single checkmark on the bottom. This will swap out the new figure for the old and give you a chance to keep anything conformed or parented to the original. But as amethystpendant said, this might produce interesting results as poses and clothing are usually not interchangeable without some work. Also note the new figure will keep the name of the old so if you replace figure named James with Jesse, it will still say James on any lists unless you rename it.

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    Use the memory dots. That is what they are for.

    (In the default UI they are in the mower left corner. You see 9 dots, that you can use for the UI , Camera or Pose, )

    Load your first figure and pose it. => Then click on a "Pose dot" =>that will change color.

    Delete your first figure and load the figure you want the pose on. => Click on the dot, to get the pose. (Alt-Click to clear a dot)

    This works great for figures with the same rigging system. Other figures light require some post adjusting.

    See page 58 in the PoserPro manual for full explanation.
    Best regards, Tony

  • @amethystpendant Thank you so much Amanda!! I greatly appreciate the help!! :) --shirley

  • @redphantom Thank you, RedPhantom! I appreciate the help! I totally missed the checkmark. I appreciate your time. I'm going to try it as soon as Poser reinstalls (did an update and it crashed, lol).

    Best regards, shirley

  • @vilters Thank you, Tony, for the tips on memory dots! I can't wait to try them out! Also thanks for finding the page in the Poser manual :) Appreciate it so much!

    I've dabbled in 3D and I'm working on a project to make some fitness/healthcare forms (I'm a healthcare student).

    Thank you to everyone on the forum for your patience with this newbie :)

    Kindest regards, Shirley

  • I had the problem, so glad I found these answers. Thanks!