How to get rid of glossy white alien eyes from EZSkin3

  • OK, I'm ready to throw the computer out the window . . . again.

    It's been a while since I've come across this problem, but tonight I'm having this problem again. I loaded, morphed and dressed HiveWire's Dawn, and ran her through EZSkin3 in PP11, and no matter what I do to the Eyes settings, they come out as if she were an alien, with her eyes glossy white when I render with SuperFly.

    Sometimes I can avoid this, and sometimes I can't. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of this in the future?

  • There really isn't a once and done setting for eyes. Many of the textures vary considerably from far to white, to dark.

    The first thing I do is turn the specular off on the eyes (on everything, cornea reflections, iris's, eyewhite, etc, depends how figure is UV'ed) etc.and just do a test render of that area to see what I get. Then I can judge of the diffuse texture needs to be darkened, etc. If you can see the teeth in the render, include that in the test render to balance them out as well.

    Once the diffuse output is right, then bring the specular, cornea reflections up to match the lighting of your scene.

    It takes some patients, and I have to do it on just about every scene for the most part.

    alt text

  • @Miss-B

    Usually I don't use on eyes EZSkin 3,personally I use only diffuse and bump map and sometimes I use as well specular map as well

    For eye surface/tear use just simple Poser Physical with transparency set at 1 and specular set to grey or use RGB 200/200/200 which works for me

    I can post my settings when I will be at home, just right now I'm on phone

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura

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    Miss B, you will to change the actual maps, but here is the set up I use. I have done extensive testing and this is the best I've come up with. I hope it works for you:

    [](Uploading 100%)

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    You might also want to disaable ambiance in the sclera (not sure why I did that) ... and use a more muted texture for the sclera, as it is a little "bright", but I think this can give you a starting point.

  • @Miss-B

    Please have look on my eyes settings and maybe these settings would help you

    Eye surface

    alt text

    alt text

    And render

    alt text

    Hope this helps


  • The eye shaders I use are derived from my uber shader. I made sure they work for a variety of lighting situations. The only part that is reflective is the "eye surface," on this V4 model.
    If these are acceptable I'll upload them to Share CG minus the texture maps.
    0_1490803008038_Ghostship Eyes.jpg

  • @Miss-B said in How to get rid of glossy white alien eyes from EZSkin3: matter what I do to the Eyes settings...

    Do you mean the settings in EZSkin3, or the materials that were on the eyes before you ran the script?

    I've experienced a similar problem when the eye surface had a peculiar node set-up attached to it, and EZSkin was understandably unable to cope with it. If I remove that before running EZSKin, all is fine. This was with V4, but may be worth looking at if you haven't already.

    You can often help by simplifying the starting materials, since EZSkin will dismantle a lot of them anyway. It can't always work out what to keep and what to throw away if the materials were designed by the 'apply random nodes and render, repeat until it looks right to me' method.

  • Thanks All!! Some very good responses here, so I'm going to be taking notes (and saving screenshots) so I can play with them. I knew it wasn't necessarily going to be a one tweak fixes all, but I was ready to give up because I didn't have a clue where to start.

    I'll be playing with this the next few days and let you guys know how successful I am. ~wink~

  • @Boni Hey Boni, the Zip file you uploaded doesn't look as if it completely uploaded, because it's not a live link. It says Uploading 100%, but then I think the link would be live, unless it's something to do with the forum.

  • @ghostship That's some mighty fine looking eyes there.

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    Let me do a drop box for you. Eye Core

  • @Boni OK, I went to the dropbox link, but I don't think that's the Eye Core zip you were planning to give me. ~wink~

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    @Miss-B Haven't used dropbox much, can you tell. LOL. OK, let's try this again. Eye Core

  • @ghostship Those eyes look great ghostship. I'd sure like to see how you set those up.


    Eye materials for Poser 11 Superfly and Daz V4,M4,K4 A4 etc. Does not contain texture maps. You need to use your own texture maps in the shader. It's important to note that to get the best, most realistic look you need to have a sclera texture with the dark, outer edge of the iris showing at the inner part of the map. This will help blend the two zones into one and make the eye more believable. There is a transparency map included to blend the sclera with the iris. Now the the trick for you is to experiment with various maps to see what looks good. Also, using a sclera map with a bit of the iris is going to make the irises too big (unless you like that) so you'll need to make the irises and pupils smaller (set to -.5 each)
    0_1490826219488_Sclera instructions.jpg

  • @ghostship Thank you muchly. Downloaded, and will definitely play with them. ~smile~

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    @ghostship The set up I use has a sclera mask that does what you've shown here. It's similar to the one that actually comes with V4. I've feathered it a little more to soften it. I will work with your set-up as well since I know what an amazing shader-master you are ... I just wanted to show my approach too.

    Here is a sample of my set up.


    And for those who want it the sclera mask that just plugs into the transparency channel in the PoserSurface root node:


    Again, I respect you ghostship, I just wanted to share the way I've done it.

  • @Boni looks good!

    For those who have not seen this before: The reason we do the mask is to make that transition from iris to sclera a little blurred and soft. Take a look at your own eye in the mirror. The tissue doesn't have an abrupt, sharp transition between those two parts of your eye.

    Pauline's eyes are one texture so you should not have to worry about that so much. Dawn 1.0 had some issues with eye geometry that made it difficult to fix with maps but they have since made some morphs that help a lot.

    With my textures I want to be able use a variety of iris textures with the same sclera on every model because I know will get a good result from that one sclera texture. If you have a sclera texture that you'd like to use but it comes out looking too bright you can add a HSV node between the texture map and the main plug in and experiment with the value setting to get the right brightness out of the sclera.

  • I do basically the same thing mixing iris's, but I use wave nodes to do it.