Help With PoserFusion for C4D

  • Hi All

    I'm new to Poser, I purchased PoserPro 11 just last year with the intent to learn how to use it for animation. I've played with some of the basic features, but have been modelling and doing basic animation in C4D for about 1.5 years on and off and downloaded the student version (R18) recently for my new laptop, an MSI Apache Pro, running on Windows 10.

    I wanted to delve into trying to get both to talk to each other when I found I had a serial no for PoserFusion and was hoping it would be a simple step-by-step process. Unfortunately, after downloading PoserFusion, it doesn't recognise any valid C4D in the directory.

    I was wondering if this might have something to do with it only being the student version, or if my current inexperience is causing me to miss something simple?

    My guess is, I'm looking at doing things the wrong way. The past couple of years I've been going to TAFE (Australian Community college equiv), doing Film and Media. Last year was the Diploma, This year Advanced Diploma. Animation is only a small portion of the course, so I'm learning as much as I can this year, treating it like work, going in to learn more 9am to 5pm on my days off.

    Next year I'll be going to University for a proper Animation Degree, but I wanted to learn as much as I can now. When it comes to trying to make software install correctly though and things go wrong, I feel a little blind. It's not so bad with most stuff, because I can generally google my way past a problem, but I couldn't find anything on the issue above. My current teachers only know so much too because they're more Film and Media.

    Wondering if you guys have any advice. Ideally, I'd love if I could create models in C4D and export them to Poser to morph and animate them. Even better would be if I could export Poser library stuff to C4D, so that I could modify it, then send back to poser, retaining the original morph info etc, but I don't know if that's doable.

    OR, should I use Maya or 3DS Max or something? Am I using the wrong software for what I want to do?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hi Sean

    Not sure if Poser Fusion 11 are compatible with R18,I know with R17 and previous version PoserFusion does work without the problems,I can only think its not updated for new R18,did you get message when you tried install PoserFusion you need select manually C4D directory or something similar along these lines ?

    Yes you can create any model and export that to Poser,but you will find yourself in position where you will be rather rendering in C4D than in Poser,depends on PC used,plus render engines which you can use inside the C4D is just mind boggling

    If you can try C4D R17 the I'm sure you should be able use there PoserFusion,I have only R17 which I can test and using Poser library inside C4D,you should have look on Inter Poser Pro which can allow you to do so,its great plugin and works pretty well there

    For morph creation I personally use ZBrush but many over here use Blender which is free

    Not sure what are you planning to do so,if you are planning to create animation inside the Poser or C4D,Maya I would suggest earlier version and same can apply for 3DS MAX 2016 are probably safest bet as newer version of 3DS MAX have few issues with MAT_ID's

    Hope this helps


  • The industry's darlings are Maya or 3DS. If you want a career in work-for-hire animation, you may need to know one or both of them well to get a job, or be considered by many employers. But if the animation itself is what you care about, or you plan to be your own boss, or you find a worldly and open minded boss... One can do almost everything animation related in Blender;

    ...and it's free to use it commercially. It has a good community too; lots of help is available for the asking.

    One can make content in Blender, and import it into Poser.