Grow hair with M6 DSON imported content.

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    @joker said in Grow hair with M6 DSON imported content.:

    You have no problems to grow hair on DSON imported figures like Michael 6.
    I can't see the the bodypart to select in the hair room.

    On native figures I get the body part as a black object where I can select the area to grow hair. But not on Michael 6 or other DSON imported figures. There I can't see the seleced area.

    Best thing to do is to use a skull cap to grow the hair. If you do not have one, create the skull cap with a modeler or with the grouping tool (Select the figure, create new group, select the vertices where hair should be, then do a create prop). It does not have to be pretty, because you can hide the prop or make it invisible. Then use that to create the hair. You can save the prop as hair in the library and load it onto the figure

  • This skull cap fits Genesis 2. It was designed for the female but it fits the male. I don't have M6 to test if it fits him. It probably wouldn't take much to fit it with the morph brush. It's free and you can use a merchant resource or distribute it how you want.

  • Thank you very much for your answers. For head hair it's a good solution, but not for beard, because there should the hair change with the mouth positions.

  • You could do a conforming beard cap that has the same morphs, or you could try creating a hair group and selecting a few a faces then grow the hair to show you what's selected. I'd also make the hair very short until you're ready to start styling and use a display setting that shows the lines. The problem with growing them directly on the head is the edges end up boxy. You also can't save the hair to use on another figure. If you wanted to do a second scene with the same beard, you'd have to same the whole figure.

    Here's a sample I did real quick of a goatee and a mustache. You can see a sort of step along the edge. That is because the figure's topology forms that step. Rather than selecting vericies, poser selects faces for the hair.

    0_1491053265277_gen 2 beard.jpg

  • Oh thank you for your ideas. I will try a comforming beard cap

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    Here is a great tutorial about growing dynamic hair and how to get rid of the geometry issue using a transmap.
    Best regards, Tony

  • @vilters oh thank you. The idea with the transparant map is great!!!

  • I made the beard directly on M6 skin. Because I can't see the selecdet aerea on G2M DSON imported figures I slected just around and a bit additional the area where the beard should be. Then I used a tranparent map reduce the beard to the exact aerea I want. The advantage with this method is, you can make soft edge gradient in the beard and you have no quarter edges in the beard.

    The head hair is made with a cap.

    0_1491202108144_Meriptha 2.0 sf.jpg

    Transparent map
    0_1491202490552_M5Phillip-face bart T-C.jpg

  • ... my only problem in hair growing is, if I want very short hair, I get holes with no hair i the beard.

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    Your beard and hair looks fantastic. Very impressive and inspiring.

  • The beard does look nice. For the holes, 2 things to check are to make sure you have high enough strand density and low enough clumping.

  • @redphantom Thank you :-)

    I get this hole in the beard as soon I make the strand shorter then 0.025. Clumpiness is 0.000 and Hair density 50000.


  • @lululee Thank you. I'm happy that I've found a way to grow hair on M6