Bringing Genesis to Poser

  • I was poking around Renderosity and found a tut. called "Genesis 3 To Poser 11 Without Going Into Daz Studio". Not sure if I can link it here, but it's easy to find. I'm kinda perturbed that we can't just use Gen3 without some workarounds (and I get why, but still). I'm wondering if anyone has used this and if it works before I pull the trigger. I found a thread here about the product, but it's 8 months old and wanted to see if it was worth purchasing before I did. I would love to finally be up to date with the latest figures.

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    I know several folks who have done this successfully. I messed it up and have to figure out how to start over ... but if you want to use Genesis 3 in Poser 11 it's a good go.

  • Have you seen Willdial and Luluee's forum with respect to Genesis 3 to Poser-FREE Utility Help at Renderosity? It's possible you might get some more responses there with respect to that tutorial.