Old silent movie style

  • Hi all. I need to produce a short motion comics with old silent movie style. I have tried some video overlay with a reduced opacity. The effect is fine but the project became heavy.

    Is there a way to do it?

  • If you have access to Anime Studio/Moho, it has a "vintage film" effect, complete with scratches, dust, and a vignette effect around the edges of the screen. All of these separate elements can be controlled (or left out, if that's what you want). You could use this as an overlay - maybe even as a loop if the animations are short enough. It's not too heavy on resources either.

  • And if you don't have access to Moho, it's doable in Blender via particle effects. Obviously it's not a turn-key feature like in Moho, and will take more effort, but you will have absolute control over it; and if you don't have Moho, this might be your best bet.

  • @mechanaut It's a bit dificult Blender isn't it? :-)

  • @ccorsani
    It depends on what one is used to using, if anything. It's true that the Blender User Interface is unfamiliar to those that have trained using other software. However the video demonstrates the process step by step. So with that and perhaps a Blender primer video, it should be pretty straight forward. But if not, there are Blender community sites and many tutorials available. People are very willing to answer questions.

    Blender offers many versatile and powerful features for less than just about any other major 3D package out there. It's well worth exploring it.

    *Blender is free, and open source. The user can actually download the source code and compile it themselves if they wish; or make changes to it, to better suit their needs. The Blender foundation offers turn-key installers for several platforms.

  • @mechanaut I really love Blender and everything you can do with it. But at the moment I think I don't have time to spent learning it. So I found a workaround: shotcut, an opensource video-editing software with nice special effect that allow me to post-put old age film effect.

  • We all know the motto... "Use whatever works". alt text