A brick texture generator

  • Trigered by the thread about procedural textures for wood flooring boards I tried to dig up a reference to a texture generator I had found long time ago.
    I could not find it but I stumbled upon a nice brick wall pattern generator.
    It is here: http://facadebeek.com/en/bricks/texture-generator
    It is made by a bricks company with the intention to support architects to make their models.
    The nice thing is you can actually mix three diferent types of bricks in different ratioes, select the laying method, and the type/colour of seams.

    An example output is below. (I cast the .png to .jpg to make the number of bits in the image palatable to the forum software.)
    0_1490908158498_patroon-kruis-fbsepia gs-fbcastello geel.jpg
    From what I see now the patterns are completely seamless. The repeat is 6 long bricks wide and 12 rows high; Of course visual repetition will be stronger of the mix is more 'wild' and contains characteristic combinations.
    The seams are a bit too 'flat'. but a mask can help there.

  • I had a program for generating bricks but it ceased functioning after upgrading to a new Windows version. Some of my early freebies use those textures. So this is very useful.
    ... alhoewel niet iedereen de deels Nederlandstalige tekst zal verstaan.

  • Ze hoeven het niet te verstaan. Ze begrijpen het na een paar keer proberen toch wel. LOL!
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