Using poser for 360 Video and VR content

  • Hey everyone,
    I am fairly "new" to the world of Poser. I used it when I was 17 and I remember that it was really easy to use but I have not used it since.

    I am looking at using Poser 11 Pro make interactive VR content such as VR detective games, etc. using Unreal Engine 4 with weekly 360 videos to keep people interested in the products. I am looking at poser for character creation and custom character's for use in our projects.

    I have a limited budget for these projects. So I need to make sure I spend it wisely.

    Anyway now that you know what I plan on doing with Poser. Here goes my questions.

    1. With 3rd Party content for poser such as content paradise for example. Are there Licenses that allow me to use it in a application such as UE4? Or is that covered by the standard license?
    2. Has the poser game dev toolset gotten any major improvements since they were first announced?

    Thanks for your time,