Editing a pre-existing material

  • Hey, I want to make some edits to the "School girl A-Ver.3" 3d character material but can't seem to locate where the files are. Any help?


  • Sorry, materials aren't editable. I could tell you where the materials files are, but once something is registered as a material the files are obfuscated and no longer editable. The only way to edit them is to have the original source files, in this case the FBX model parts and/or .c2fc character file.

    That said, you want to edit the "Girl A" character, and Celsys just happens to actually provide the source files for that one so you can see how they're put together! You can download the sample materials here:

    Basic Characters (Girl A, Girl B, Boy A, Boy B) [21.9MB]
    Girl A Clothing Sample 01 [17.7MB]
    Girl A Clothing Sample 02 [17.9MB]
    Girl A Hair Styles Sample 01 [3.0MB]
    Girl A Hair Styles Sample 02 [2.9MB]
    Boy A Hair Styles Samples 01 [1.0MB]
    Boy B Hair Styles Samples 02 [1.7MB]

    I'm not sure if these are version 3 or older, but it shouldn't matter as these are source files and I know version 1 characters still work in the current Clip Studio Paint anyway.

    You'll need something that can edit FBX files if you plan to alter the actual model parts. As for creating full character files in .c2fc format (so you can swap out clothing, hair styles, facial expressions, accessories, clothing, include signature poses) you'll need to use Clip Studio Coordinate. It's a free program from Celsys for building 3D character, scene, and object files - but it has never been released outside of Japan in any other language. If you don't know Japanese there is a work-around, but it requires you to use an old version of the program and apply an unofficial English translation hack. Of course once you get accustomed to what does what you could probably figure out how to use the current Japanese version without being able to read what's on the controls. It's too much to go into here and I'm not sure if SmithMicro is cool with it or not, so check out my BLOG for the details.

    When you're happy with the character file and its options you can just drag-n-drop the .c2fc file to the canvas to register it as a new character. The .c2fc files are still editable in Coordinate even if you don't have the original FBX model parts (the files aren't linked, they're embedded in the Coordinate file).

    If you're not interested in building fully configurable character files you don't need Coordinate, you can just assemble your modded model in your FBX program and drag-n-drop it to your canvas to register it as a material. If you kept the "bones" armature it should also adopt poses dropped onto it, but a straight-up FBX model won't be able to swap out hair, expressions, clothing, etc.

    With all the parts Celsys provides you should be able to mix-and-match parts or modify components in a modeling program to get what you want.

    As for what modeling program to use? Celsys also makes a program called, rather simply, "Modeler" which has character model part creation tools in it. But it's not free and has never been released outside of Japan in any other language. I'm on a Mac so I use Cheetah3D. Of course Maya also works, but the license is a bit steep for me. Some people have had success using Blender, which is free, but I never got it work right with FBX files. YMMV.

    Happy modding!