Resizing the Layer's panel?

  • How does one adjust the width of the layer's panel? I've hovered the cursor over the edge (as one typically expects), but the cursor doesn't change to a resize icon.

    See the example:
    alt text

  • I can resize mine. Maybe it's because your layers are too the right of the button strip? Try moving them to the left, or even add them to the buttons.

  • Well it's good to hear that it meant to be possible. But moving the panel to the right doesn't enable resizing it. No amount of hovering the cursor randomly along the edge will activate the resize option for me.

    *Also, resetting the UI to default doesn't help.

    Does anyone know if there is an alterable registry setting to control the panel width?

  • I'm on mac. But I know it worked in windows too. Did you try adding the layers palette to the row of palette buttons? Or tearing it off and moving it to the other side of your monitor and trying it there?

  • Yes I have. No matter where I put it, I cannot innate a change to the width of the panel.

  • Watch, it's easy. Just not where you'd expect.
    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="

    " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  • @MrDaaark

    Thank you for the video; I do appreciate it. It shows the resize option working in Clip... but that is exactly where I expected it to be, and why I posted this thread.. It does not happen when I try it.

    alt text

  • This post is deleted!

  • @mechanaut @mechanaut Are you sure the program has input focus? Try clicking on the title bar first.

    Also, look under the WINDOW menu at the top and make sure the FIX WIDTH OF PALLETE DOCK isn't checked. It's the last thing on the list.

  • I'd reinstall Clip Studio. Copy your Celsys Documents folder first if you have a lot of customized settings. If the reinstall works, you can add your original folder back (Quit CSP and copy the new folder first). If the problem comes back, switch folders again to get it working, then add items from the original back a few at a time (close CSP each add) until you find the corrupt folder. Then just leave that one out.

  • MrDaaark, I bet that's the problem! We don't have that option on mac.

  • We do have that option!--I thought you were talking about in the palette menu--it is up in the top menubar under Window.Never even noticed it before.

  • @MrDaaark @PGross

    That's it!

    (I didn't even know of the option.)

    Thank you MrDaaark

    ** Come to think of it though... It's possible that I might have clicked it some time ago, on the assumption that it meant "Fix", as in to 'correct' the palette width.width.