Shifting painting to the other side of the canvas

  • I'd like to shift the image to the other side of the canvas, with pixels warping.

    See the gif for reference.

    How do I do it?

  • I have no idea what you're asking. Are you asking about tiling an image or animating an image?

  • Nop, sorry for not being clear.
    I want to offset the image and wrap it arround, as showed in the gif.
    This would be usefull to create textures that have continuous borders

  • You want to tile the image.

    You can also do this by making the image a material and setting it to tile in the material dialog box.

    Edit>Register as Material.

  • mmmh, this just let me make a pattern from an image. It's not what I wanted.

    Just look at the first 2 seconds of the gif I previously sent

  • If you create a material from the image, then you can set it to tile. When you drag the material onto the canvas you will see a bounding box. That bounding box is the original image; the rest is tiling. You can drag that box around with the Object tool.

  • Isn't there a way to tile a layer? and keep drawing on it while tiled?

    With clip studio you have the chance to make animations... but how do you do a parallax movement of a background of a running scene, if you cannot connect the lines at the opposite sides of it?
    Let's make it more complicated: what if you also want to animate the background?

  • When animating a parallax, you would place the background on one animation layer and animate the movement slower than the middle and fore grounds.

    Make a selection of the entire canvas (Edit>Register as Material>Image) then choose Tiling, Repeat and Only Horizontal.

    Drag this onto your canvas. Drag the bounding box left or right horizontally.

    No - I don't think you can draw on it and have it tile automatically.

  • But I suppose you wouldn't even need to make it a Material. Importing as a pattern allows you to also set repeating to Horizontal Only. You could also draw your background on a separate canvas then import it as a File Object. Then set that to tile repeating only horizontally. If you draw anything on the background canvas you could update the file object in your animation file.

  • mmmh, This sounds a bit laborious.
    I see there is no straight forward function like the offset of photoshop. Thanks anyway.