Cloud Poser?

  • @mechanaut You'd only get the finished frame grab. That's only a couple of milliseconds, even over a cell phone link...

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    @vilters said in Cloud Poser?:

    The cloud is a solution for an artificial problem that actually never existed.
    Only invented by some to drain more money from your pockets.

    Good for mass storage of data under certain conditions only.

    First of all, this isn't cloud it's render farm, which is a very specific service that may or may not be cloud based.

    Second, you're wrong about cloud computing's value proposition. In my work, we have a team of engineers and QA that add or remove as many as 100 computers in a single day to our resource pool. We save so much money doing this instead of owning the devices ALL YEAR that we can afford two more engineers.

    You are totally misunderstanding the value proposition.

  • @tburzio said in Cloud Poser?:

    @mechanaut You'd only get the finished frame grab. That's only a couple of milliseconds, even over a cell phone link...

    You mean for one frame, yes, but why bother for one frame? The ideal use for a render farm is to render animation clips, or a full movie; and that could likely max out most consumer Internet caps for the month, unless they only got back a compressed [degraded] copy of the original.


    Here is something to consider...
    The subject of the article is not the point ~per se; but the fact that Microsoft did this (in order to protect themselves, by complying with the federal mandate), should at least spark the concern that any cloud based service could likely be doing the same kind of broad content inspection.

    If one's project was commercial, and/or wrapped in NDAs —or for any privacy reasons at all... The content might leak out on to the public Internet.

  • @mechanaut I do not have a cap, and cloud computing is every bit as safe as a local farm (ask Target and Home Depot). :-)

  • @bagginsbill I can understand the value to a large or even small scale company, but what about the everyday hobbyist? Personally, I'm not happy with the idea of so many companies taking their monthly draws from my bank account. That's the reason I dropped NetFlix when it first started up and keeps me from rejoining.

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    There are no monthly draws for leasing a render farm - you pay for when you use it.

    What are we talking about exactly?

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    Also tburzio (OP) used the word "buy" not "lease" nor "subscribe".

    Suppose you could buy the right to use forever. Would you buy into having a 2000-hour render done in 2 hours?

    I would if I was making a commercial animation.

    I would also buy a fighter jet if I was pursuing a war with a foreign nation. However, the fact that I am not pursuing such a war says little about the uselessness of a jet.

  • @tburzio under a second? we are talking about 300+Mb 4k EXR?
    What I'd prefer as a first step is a internet/renderfarm friendly version of Poser/QueueManger, with Linux nodes and so on. And distributed rendering for stills, at least Blender-way.

  • @phdubrov I don't want the data back, I just want the screen PNG result, which is less than 1 GB. Will it make the next Pixar movie? Nope. Will it speed up rendering for 98% of Poser customers? Yup.

  • I guess technically it would be like using the RenderQueue except that between your Poser-machine and the renderer there is a stretch of web service. The resulting image (or frame) can be uploaded into your cloud space. Persistent storage at the server would not be needed, and certainly public exposure would be out of question.
    I think the best comparison with common services is photo-print. You likewise send an amount of digital information to be processed into an image and you get back the processed result. Difference of course is that here the result is digital
    Would it be worth-while for hobbyists? That depends on the pricing and what you want to do with it. If it saves me buying an extra computer with large graphics cards, the 'pay as you go' alternative may be an attractive one.
    Keeping PoserPro up to date took me Euro 100 or so per year. (one update of Euro 200 approx. every 2 years).
    Keeping my system somewhere near state of the technology takes me say Euro 500 per year.


    I do not want to count the cost per completed render.

  • Or you could just get an Amazon G series, just run it for the time it takes to do a render and stop it