Product Suggestions...

  • You know, people go crazy when you start asking for a "wishlist" of stuff you'd like to see in Poser in the near future. So, I'd like to ask for few things that should be made standard or fixed in Poser by the next release.

    a. I'd like a preset for the hierarchy list in the General Preferences. If it's checked the Hierarchy list is completely open and you can see everything on the list. Unchecked means it's closed, or better yet, it's set the way you had it the last time you used it.

    b. The Cloth Presets that PhilC made for the cloth Room broke the last time the Python was upgraded in Poser. Please fix this. It would also be nice if we could customize these.

  • @eclark1849 I also hate the fully open Hierarchy Chart. I would just like it to be totally collapsed to the "Body" of each object by default every time I load something into a scene in Poser. That way I can easily choose what I want to open, when I want it opened.

    It annoys me to no end when I have to spend time collapsing everything in a reasonable format before I can get any work done.

  • @eclark1849 After the library jumping is fixed (wheeee!), I'd love it if "body" was the default selected instead of "hip". Then, I'd love someone to tangle with the "random number generator" for the Parameter pull down. I mean, you collapse a menu for one part, then you select another and it not only opens some, but randomizes where you are. Here comes the "really big wish". Ready?

    Separate the name fields for the main figure and props. For example, if your saved name is "fred", any prop attached automagically becomes "fred_prop". Not only does this make finding one object in a crowd easier, but renaming "fred" to "barney" also renames "fred_prop" to "barney_prop". :-)

  • Expose the whole of the cloth room to Python so i can not only select a sim I can select each selected object and each dynamic group within a selected object within a selected sim.

    @eclark1849 I'm sure the cloth room presets could be fixed, if I get half an hour while I'm background rendering I'll have a look


  • @amethystpendant Amanda, unfortunately I don't know Python myself. Frankly, I'd like to redesign everything so that it would open up as a window panel that would let me select or input a new setting.

  • @eclark1849 said in Product Suggestions...:

    @amethystpendant Amanda, unfortunately I don't know Python myself. Frankly, I'd like to redesign everything so that it would open up as a window panel that would let me select or input a new setting.

    You mean you want EZCloth :) Might take me a bit longer but I love a challenge, I'm guessing you want to be able to select a preset from a drop down and have it applied to which ever sim is active and whichever dynamic group is selected. I'll look at some of @Snarlygribbly's code and see what I can come up with.

    I'd also like to be able to select specific sims to run rather than just current or all so if I can I might have a go at that as well


  • My first suggestion: presets in the fitting room for say 'shirt', 'pants' selecting only the relvant body parts.
    My second suggestion: a prune character definition function: delete morph deltas that are just zeroes; delete morph channels and dials that have no deltas attached, etc.
    My third suggestion: fix the export object with welded vertices option. Let user give a tolerance for 'identical'.
    My fourth suggestion: split 'zero figure' into 'zero figure pose only' and 'zero figure morphs and ghost bones'.
    My fifth suggestion: improve Paul and Pauline rather than making new figures from the bottom up. Make a good character for them if it is needed to have something new to present.

    yes, I made 5!
    Am I greedy or am I generous?

  • I'm all for a collapse the hierarchy editor button. I just did a scene with 24 people in it along with hair, clothes, and shoes for them and another with 40 people. Do you know what a pain it is to have to collapse it manually? Also add the button to any other list, like for setting up dynamic clothing collisions or parenting.

    Also, at risk of sounding like a broken record, (cause I always ask for this) a new and improved hair room with easy to use styling tools.

  • All I want is a pause the b*****y indexing button! Can't organise content from within poser anymore as it starts indexing and things slow to a crawl as soon as you move one thing.

  • I want a pause and resume option for Superfly rendering. I also would like post render tone mapping so I can adjust light intensity and hue when my render is done.

    Also, I would like the scale function back for the Direct Manipulation tool. Why that feature was ever removed is beyond me.

  • @johndoe641 Ooooh, I'd love that pause and resume feature, too!

    Actually, your entire posts is a great wish list!

  • @johndoe641 I have to agree with Traci, pause and resume would be wonderful future features for SuperFly.

  • Yes, a pause and resume render, preferably one that can resumed even if you have to shut down the computer.

  • @redphantom Hmmmm, not sure if that could be done. I think that would take a whole lot of programming to accomplish.

    I have a couple of simple solitaire games on my computer that do that, even the timer stops and restarts, but a SuperFly render? Now that would be interesting if it could be accomplished.

  • I just figure if luxrenderer can do it, it might be possible. I realize it's unlikely but if you don't ask...

  • @redphantom ... true enough.

  • Tilt/shift for the cameras.

    Keeping on par with Cycles development. (Adaptive displacement/subdivision, denoiser and shadow catcher when ready.)

    Stable and working-over-internet QueueManager.
    Linux nodes for QM.

  • Yeah, the current experimental micro displacement looks really good in cycles and would let you use displacement maps with lower poly objects

  • Pause or resume not sure if this can be done as most of renderers don't have this feature, only LuxRender do have this feature and IRAY or Octane, Corona etc don't offer that

    But ISO,EV would be awesome on camera, simple Physical camera with ISO, EV would be just perfect

    Micro displacement would be awesome too, bit still tone mapping, ISO, EV is what I would want most, other things are not important for me at moment

    Thanks, Jura

  • @jura11
    Do we not have some sort of pause-resume already in the RenderQueue?
    I never used it for Superfly, so not confirmed.