Very promising news for the future of Poser

  • Was speaking to a staffer over at Renderosity recently, and was greatly heartened to hear that they currently have a promotion where content creators for Poser (as opposed to DAZ Studio), receive an extra percentage for their content. This promotion goes on till the end of April but will likely be repeated during the year. They are also planning a promotion for additional types of Poser-only content, although I'm not sure if it's public so I'll stay schtumm about specifics until they announce.

    I find it extremely encouraging to learn that the largest rival to DAZ in the content space recognises the value in continuing to support and encourage Poser-specific content. It's only in DAZ's interests if Poser dies, but the rest of us will suffer. Well done Renderosity!

  • The problem is that Renderosity cannot seem to secure their website on which credit cards have been hacked AGAIN just recently.

    Sorry, I just don't do business with places that can't provide security for their customers. Vendors should probably consider that customers are simply tired of having their money stolen and find a secure brokerage house.

  • @Glitterati3D I got hacked during the holidays as many people did so I started using PayPal instead of my debit card. Is this unsafe as well?

  • @ghostship I have never had my card associated with the Paypal account hacked. Not once.

    In fact, the only place I have ever had a card compromised is Renderosity. After 3 times last year, I'll never take the chance again.

  • Everyone knows sites get hacked, let it go.

  • @ghostship said in Very promising news for the future of Poser:

    @Glitterati3D I got hacked during the holidays as many people did so I started using PayPal instead of my debit card. Is this unsafe as well?

    AFAIK Paypal itself has never been hacked and is one of only a few places that's able to say that. I buy stuff on rendo all the time through paypal on my cc and I've yet to have an issue.

    Anyways, I'm glad that there's going to be more Poser-only content promotions. I hope it's a successful endeavor for rendo and Poser.

  • @Glitterati3D Some of the biggest banks and utilities have also been hacked, so it seems to be a problem that no-one is immune to. It's certainly exceedingly disconcerting that these sites are still not storing details in secured databases, but the number of alternate providers of high quality Poser sites is not many. As a vendor, securing the brokerage site against hacks is not my concern. The number of sales is. Supposing I went to Hivewire, (to choose a site with whom you have a affiliation) how many sales could I expect there? Where else, apart from DAZ, could I expect the same volume? CG Bytes? Poser Addicts? Content Paradise?

    TBH, I'd be far more concerned about hackers stealing my content than my customers' credit card details.

    Does anyone know WHY Renderosity was hacked? Were they still using old technology, or careless, or something harder to avoid?

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    Wow - instant thread drift.

    If you actually have a conversation about Poser again, let me know.

  • @matb Okay, matb, I, personally, think that would be a particularly stupid thing for a vendor to say that he's more concerned about his content, than my credit information. Makes me less like to ever buy anything from him... period. Whether he's ever been hacked or not.

  • This thread started out on a POSITIVE note about something related to Poser.

    Think maybe we could discuss the positive side of this?

  • @shvrdavid I'm POSITIVE I'd be less like to buy from someone who thinks his content is more important than protecting my financial information.

  • @eclark1849 If the vendor is selling at a site that they don't own, why should protecting your financial information be of any concern of theirs? And just how would you propose they do that? Sites like Renderosity handle the transactions, not the individual vendors.

    @matb - While I think it can be a good idea, I doubt it will have much impact. The Poser team needs to look into the why of content creators choosing to switch to D|S only, and try to address any related issues. Additionally, Renderosity's repeated security breaches (along with their insistence that it "couldn't have been them"), along with the godawful site re-design, have hurt the site's reputability and has made people less eager to spend their money there. Not much of an incentive to give certain vendors a higher cut if fewer people are buying at the store.

  • @modus0 Glitterati and I are mainly talking about customer financial info, but I have had to hand over some info to the store for tax purposes. A skilled hacker can do a lot with that info. Any company should be extra cautious when they're dealing with people's financial info.

  • @modus0 It's interesting that you mention their site redesign. I have been complaining about this, and even went so far as to send the owner of Renderosity a mail outlining my problems - he never even bothered to acknowledge my mail far less respond to my (respectful) points :-( I mean you can't even find what you want using search any more, much less easily go on themed wanders. I passionately hate what they've done to the site.

    Also interesting, in my conversation with their staffer, the person did in fact touch upon the reasons why people have switched to DAZ, and the fact that the program is free was not on the list. Its feature-rich content toolset and ease of content creation was.