Something wrong with the queue manager?

  • I rendered this image in the queue manager on the same computer that has poser, using cpu rendering. This is what I got when I opened the picture.


    I have no idea what that green stuff on her shirt is. The green near her knees is body handles that should be transparent. Also, she's supposed to be wearing pants.

    Here is the same image rendered in poser without any changes.


    Here's the texture


    As you can see, it's rather simple. And the body handles is a plain transparent texture with no green.

    Anyone have any ideas why it messed up in the queue?

  • I had a similar issue where whole objects were missing from a QueueManager rendered scene, I couldn't reproduce the issue but I had to ditch 2 (quite large) renders because of it and I'm now wary of using QM


  • I have also had numerous weird and inexplicable oddities occur when using QM in Poser 11. Never had a problem before Poser 11. Mostly it is issues similar to what the OP has expressed where the image renders slightly differently in QM than it does in Poser itself.

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    @redphantom : I'll see if I can reproduce this. Did you send it to Queue rendering on the same machine which is running Poser11Pro (as opposed to sending it to a remote/slave)?

    What OS and bitness (e.g., Win7Pro 64bit)?

    I can't see the main texture map; does it have that green background?

    What gamma is used for the transmap?

    Granted, none of those would explain the visible handle.

    Screenshot your render settings (Firefly or Superfly?)

  • It was rendered on the same machine that runs poser, not a remote. I'm using windows 10 pro 64 bit

    All 3 maps have that same green background. The trans map gamma is 1.

    My render settings

    0_1491599312553_render settings.JPG

    And none of this explains what happened to her pants.

    Something else that's odd is the geometry doesn't even seem to match. Overlaying the 2 pictures the green seems bigger and more jagged, almost like there's a displacement map being used.