Overlapping window frames

  • How can I keep one frame in front of another without having a larger frame beneath concealing the smaller one in front when activated? I don't want to use tiling since it cuts down my work space. I saw this guy do a demo, and I don't know how he got them to overlap.
    ![alt text](0_1491526800170_Screenshot 2017-04-06 20.53.38.png image url)

  • Click on the name tag of the other window and drag it over the first window and it should just work.

  • @888toto thanks for responding - my problem comes when if I click on the larger canvas underneath, the smaller thumbnail canvas floating over above gets hidden or concealed underneath the larger canvas.

  • For me the un-docked window stays over the docked window, even when working on the big docked window. Have you perhaps undocked both the big and the small window ? BTW I don't use a Mac ... so if you do that may be another differrence

  • I use the Navigator window for a thumbnail view of the image I'm working on, and the Sub View window for reference images. They work fairly well and both float over top, although yeah that's one thing I don't like about the MacOS version of CSP. I have the same issue in Photoshop for MacOS.

  • Aww man!!! Yes, @888toto I do have a mac. Thanks @jk1980 for the clarification and advice with nav window - that's my only hope for now