Cross fade circle effect

  • I would like to make a "circle effect". I try to explain in my terrible english (sorry!): I would like to make a circle with black outside that focus on a certain point zooming in. At the end of effect timing, everything must be black and you will see only the content of the little circle.

    How can I obtain that?

  • If I understand you correctly, this effect is known as "irising in". I'd start by defining the final effect, a small transparent circle in a black area (sufficiently big to cover the frame) acting as a mask. Probably use a PNG file - you could easily get away with an 8-bit PNG file for this. Place this file where you want the effect to end in your sequence and make a waypoint. Then, go back in the timeline to where the effect starts, and change the scale of the mask to the starting position. The program should then scale this effect for you automatically.

    That's how I would do it -- assuming I do understand you correctly!

  • @jahnocli Yes, you have understood right. I tried. It works. Thanks