New Addition, Nudity Wrapper, Please Read This.

  • The plugin to hide images until clicked is here, and it appears to work fine.
    Please consider using this a requirement with images containing nudity.
    It is not retro active, simply because of the edit timers in place.
    Images within the wrapper still fall under the PG 13 guidelines of the site.

    To use the wrapper:

    0_1491584482334_nudity wrapper.jpg

    There is a new icon in the upper right of the compose toolbar.
    Clicking on this simply adds the two required lines to the compose area. you can just type this in as well.
    Images that you wish to hide within this wrapper, obviously must be between the two lines of course.

    After doing this, you get this button within in the post.
    Clicking on the button within a post reveals what is hidden from view.
    So, click it if you want to see it, scroll past it if you don't.

    click to show

    It will show up as expanded in the preview area of compose as you write out your post.
    But will be a button to everyone else once posted.

    I would like to thank everyone for their patients while this was addressed.
    We recently did an upgrade to the forum, and had to make sure all of this worked as intended before going live with it.

    This will be the first public trial run of the plugin, so again if you have any issues please let us know here.

    Thanks everyone

  • Tell us if you think tags and/or button text should be renamed to "NSFW", or whatever is more appropriate.
    I chose word "spoiler", as it generally describes common mechanism to handle this and at the same time is flexible enough to be applied in many other non-NSFW cases.