Is there a way to lock a layer's position?

  • To expound, in Photoshop, you're able to lock a layer from it being moved, but you're still able to free modify the layer, you just can't nudge it.

    In CSP, I'm constantly nudging a layer by accident, usually as a result of hitting the wrong modifier key (trying to tap Alt for the eye dropper but missing and hitting the Command key for the move layer tool). I always notice the shift has happened minutes later when I start inspecting the color and notice the registration is off from the inked layer.

  • Go to your Move Tool properties and unclick the layer option.

  • @aaron there is no way in CSP to lock that (while still editing the layer). One "trick" would be to draw a tiny mark into the top left and bottom right corners... then if it gets shifted accidentally you can get it back By CTRL-T (the scale up transform mode) and then in the tool property palette change the "adjust Position" setting to Canvas.... it will instantly shift it back to that original position. Or instead of a mark in the corner... just a one pixel border on the outside of the page ( CTRL-A then Edit>Outline Selection )