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  • Okay, EZCloth Settings RC1 is ready for release!

    I've added Import
    simply click on the ellipses and select the file to import, the list will fill with any available presets and you can select which to include. There is an overwrite existing checkbox that if selected will allow the imported values to overwrite any you already have that have the same name. You can also use the Prepend Preset text box to add a string of text that will be added to the front of the name of the preset you are importing to help prevent collisions.

    Similarly, I've added an Export Function
    This works exactly the same but the list are your own presets that you want to export.

    Both of these are accessed from the new buttons on the main window

    A new tab has been added "Utilities" to provide quick access to some sort of cloth related functions

    The first 2 copy the Rot & Tran of the body and Hip (or the first bone below the body if not the Hip (I only tend to use V4 so Hip is the first bone beneath the body. the first looks at the active sim based on the currently selected cloth actor and copies from the last frame of the sim to the first. The second does the same, but ignores the sim and copies from the last frame to the first frame.

    Run Simulation, simply runs the current simulation and when finished outputs the time taken in the status bar at the bottom of the window.

    Copy Hip to body tran adds the first bones x, y and z translations to the body translations and zeros those on the first bone helping to move the origin back to where it should be if a "GoTo" pose has moved the figures hip instead of the body, bringing back the ability to y rotate the body without going in a wide circle!

    The last 2 simply memorise and restore the body translations and rotations. I find this helps if I've positioned my figure and then apply a pose that sets the body trans and rots to zero.

    Please let me know if you find any issues, or indeed if you find it helpful, or have suggestions for improvement.


  • @amethystpendant
    Thank you!
    Looks very promising, with many new features for cloth room control that, to be honest, for me will need some time to sink in.

  • I've been thinking, a lot of the clumpiness with this is trying to identify the Simulation, basically PoserPython does not expose the current simulation therefore to get the sim to apply anything to I need to get the current actor and loop through all the simulations until I find the one with that actor as a cloth object. Would it be better to have 2 select lists at the top of the window, one listing all the simulations, when you select the simulation in the first, the second lists all the cloth actors in that simulation (usually only one, but can be multiples) Then when you apply the code selects that actor so the sim becomes the active simulation. When the apply is done I can reselect the previously selected actor. It still isn't perfect but might be better than how it works at the moment.

    I can't however select the dynamic group to apply to, this just isn't exposed at all. (unless someone knows a way to get the pane from the au manager, get the widget that is the dynamic group drop down, read the available list and select the one we want?)

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    @amethystpendant Awesome. Thank you so much.

  • @amethystpendant . Thank you for sharing

  • @amethystpendant said in EZCloth Settings:

    ... PoserPython does not expose the current simulation ...

    This is the problem I had when I tried to write a simulation timer script. Your idea of searching for it hadn't occurred to me.

    Would it be better to have 2 select lists at the top of the window, one listing all the simulations, when you select the simulation in the first, the second lists all the cloth actors in that simulation

    This is how svdl's old script works. I thought it rather clunky until I tried to tinker myself, when I began to appreciate why he'd done it that way!

  • @englishbob Does the timer suit your needs?

  • @amethystpendant said in EZCloth Settings:

    @englishbob Does the timer suit your needs?

    Where are my manners? My apologies, I haven't got around to trying the script yet. I definitely will - I think I'm done messing about with dragons now - and I think my next project will involve cloth simulation. But first, Happy Easter, and once again thank you for making this!

    @F_Verbaas Thanks for the dynamic dragon wings suggestion, by the way. Noted for future experimentation. "Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup." :)

  • I've now moved on to a project that involves cloth simulation, so I can at last use your script - and it's great to have that ease of setting back again.

    The timer is also very useful, and I remember why I wanted it now. Cloth self-collision sends simulation times sky-high.

    Thanks again!

  • Thank you so much for this!

  • @amethystpendant Thanks so much!!

  • @dannistories Glad you found it useful


  • I know this is a bit of thread necromancy, but I have some concerns/questions about this. For one, it seems to have stopped working for me in the latest version. Not sure why. But the main thing is, can we get the presets included with the release? The main reason I found this was that I was looking for some presets for cloth, and this script came up.

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    Check out in Poser 11 (I have Pro - so I don't know if it's included in P11 too)
    -> Materials / Cloth Room Presets
    I never use them, but that might be helpful for you.

  • @Nephanor click on the gear on the toolbar and it will ask if you want to load defaults, click yes and the defaults that PhilC originally made will be loaded in to the presets.


  • Oooo, thanks Amanda! That solves the problem of the presets, just need to figure out why it's not working. I wonder if it's because I had multiple simulations and it didn't know which one to apply it to.

  • @Nephanor If you have more than one simulation in a scene, EZCloth works out which one you mean by looking at the object you have selected; so always select the cloth you want to work on before trying to do anything. EZCloth will pick this up dynamically so you can swap from one to another if you want.

    This is not the way Poser does it, of course; but Poser Python appears not to have the required methods.