Interest in short course Marelous Designer - Poser?

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    @F_Verbaas Would LOVE to see such a course.

    I had mentioned in that other thread I would be willing to provide a short course on using Marvelous Designer to make clothing items to use in Poser.
    Are there more people who are interested?

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    I am interested.
    I have used MD2 a few years ago, but the results in Poser at that time were disappointing. I am really interested to see if things have gotten better.

  • Same me too @F_Verbaas I'm interested in course

    I'm still struggling make own arrangement points

    Thanks, Jura

  • Thank you.
    Indeed a good idea to add any questions you may have, so I can address them.

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    Things which i am curious about are

    • UV mapping (for color details in fabric)
    • translation from MD to hard/soft decoration or rigidness (vwd)
    • multiple layer clothing
    • guidelines for mesh density with regards to the poser simulation (where to subdiv)
    • Can you do "puffed up" collars, sleeves, etc which look good after simming in Poser?

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    I'm definitely interested.

  • I'm definitely interested as well.

  • I'd ve interested to know how you can create clothing with volume, and how the program can also be purposed for furnishings/bedding etc. I've even seen it used to do parts of a spaceship!

  • I'd just like to know where I could find $360 for an ANNUAL license! :) And even if I did it appears I wouldn't be able to sell any of my creations! (not that I do anyway but...)

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    As far as I know, you can sell of give away the items you create with a personal license.
    The enterprise license is only required if you work for a company with 10+ employees or are contracted to them.

  • @wimvdb Okay, then that has changed since the last time I looked, then you could only use what you created with a personal license for personal use, any giving away or selling required a commercial license. I still can't afford $360 a year for a hobby though.

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    I am still not sure if I should buy me in in Marvelous Designer. Very expensive for just as hobby.
    But in a course I am always Interested. never know If I don't kick my self and buy me in suddenly :)

  • Thank you all.
    I made a start but as it happens those who pay my salary suddenly deceided something had to be done urgently.
    I am in the rounding off phase of that and will then return to the course.
    Until then, please keep questions and expressions of interest coming.

    I note questions are just as much on how to use MD as on how to interface with Poser.
    That is perfect. Will add some MD basics in also.

  • @F_Verbaas One thing that's always driven me crazy is, if I want, for instance, an A-Line dress/skirt for a character, I can make the pattern piece so that it looks A-Line when viewing from the front or back, but when it comes to the left or right side views, the dress/skirt will follow the characters shape and then the skirt will "stick" to her legs rather than just drape down straight from the belly or butt.

    Any time I've tried to "pull" it out, it just drops back to where it was, somewhat like a cloth sim in Poser. I would love to know a method, if there is one, of making sure it stays slightly full in its drape front and back, as it does on the sides, either in the original pattern creation, or once fitted to the character.

  • @Miss-B That is an interesting questoin.
    Can you give an example pattern where this happens?

  • @F_Verbaas Give me a bit, and I may actually be able to give you a screenshot of the pattern, as well as a screenshot of how it looks on V4 (the character I used for my Avatar) when I loaded it in Poser.

  • OK, here's a screengrab of the pattern and the dress in MD3, as well as a quick side render of the dress in P9. I believe the original render I did of this was "after" I had imported the dress into Blender to convert the Tris to Quads, and it's not "quite" so skin tight, but I placed arrows on the render to show you where I'd prefer it to flow down straight, rather than emphasize her shape.

    MD3 Screencapture

    Poser 9 Render

  • Just to let you know I did not forget you. My employer just takes a little more of my time than I expected, but tht is just because the project goes so well.

    The funny bit is that being late saved me quite some work. Marvelous Designer just today released version 6.5 with some features that makes the export part I was about to work on dead simple.

    Have patience, stay tuned, and if you have questions keep them coming.

  • @F_Verbaas Oh, I didn't think you abandoned this. I figured R/L got in the way, as it usually does.

    As far as the new version of MD, I'm still on MD3, so the new features won't mean much to me, though I'm sure your help with them will be good for others using the latest version.

  • For those interested:

    The new features are listed here.

    Most important in this context is the facility to export the texture map 'unified UV' along with the object. Your garment therefore comes textured as it was in MD. Until now you had to re-align the textures after export or accept UV maps in real scale, that is with UW co-ordinates representing the 'real life size' of the panels in mm, which is a bit too modern for most Poser users.
    @Miss-B: MD3 had still another way of 'not unified' MD mapping. Marvelous Designer is a sort of moving target in that respect.

    Another new feature important for Pose users is the 'skive' feature, bringing in the effect of suppleness brought about by local wear. This is not so important for garments work on the catwalk but makes a difference if the model is to represent cothing that has been used.