Cloth Room U V Stretch

  • @F_Verbaas questioned whether the U and V stretch resistance values could be set independently, and if so wold it have an effect. I replied that in tests I'd done years ago it made no difference. Well I was, not for the first time, wrong.

    I created a test using the hi res square pinned by the top most verticals. I had 5 squares. The first had stretch resistance of 0.9 the second 9 the third 90 and the fourth 900 the 5th was a control and not part of the sim

    My settings other than the U and V stretch resistance values which xould change were

    This is with U & V set the same with stripes vertical (stripes created using a u variable shader
    0_1491742842180_Base U=V Vertical.png

    Here the U value is set to 10 with the V variable (0.0,0,90,900)
    0_1491742900563_U Static 10 V Variable.png

    Here U is variable (same range) and V 10
    0_1491742955775_U variable V Static 10.png

    I then rotated the square through 90 degrees and changed the pinned vetrts to the new top row
    0_1491743020665_Base U=V Horizontal.png
    U static 10 V variable
    0_1491743047564_U Static 10 V Variable H.png

    and finally U variable V static 10
    0_1491743092504_U variable V Static 10 H.png

    As you can see there is certainly a difference. I will therefore make a new version of my EZCloth settings and expose the stretch settings separately. (in the Poser UI it will only show the U value)


  • @amethystpendant

    I look forward to seeing a the new version of EZCloth.