[Paid Work]: Rig my 3D model in Poser Pro to work in Clip Studio

  • [Subject]: 3D Model of a "super deformed" / Chibi style Anthropomorphic horse (used as a posing draw base for a fun online comics project.)

    [Info]: I used a FBX base doll made particularly for Clip Studio and re-sculpted it in 'Sculptris' to look like my own character, now I need this OBJ re-sculpt to be fixed, smoothed and cleaned at places where it might have gotten a bit damaged/deformed when t was re-sculpted(for example where some of the joints meet,etc) and then to be rigged properly so it can be used in Clip Studio as a posing draw doll. Model should be able to pose in standing and on-fours pose like a horse.

    [Qualifications]: Expert in Poser Pro, or other 3D software with a compatible 3D export option for Clip Studio. People contacting me must be very familiar with how to rig a FBX model properly in order to work in Clip Studio exactly like the original 3D models of the software.

    contact me at: devilsgrin66@hotmail.com