any updates on the next version of Poser?

  • Hi,
    Any ideas when the next update for poser is scheduled for? also, if there are plans to code the poser so as to allow bringing in the V7/G7 characters directly into poser (similar to V4).....Been using poser since 2005 and have no plans to move to daz3d.....

    thank you


  • @matrixvxg
    Normally, the Poser team runs on a 24 month schedule, more or less. Due to the graphics reorg, that may be a little scrambled, but I am expecting a fall release (which is when it usually shows up).

    Re: the Golum - not going to happen. Let me explain......

    It's DAZ's figure - it is their responsibility to maintain it, not SM. All DAZ has to do is update the DSON importer. The fact that they refuse to either update it, or fix the bugs in the last version says everything that needs to be said.

    There isn't a valid business case to add native support for DS figures. It won't increase sales and would be a nightmare to support. SM would be on the hook for providing technical support from now until the heat death of the universe. You would get no support from DAZ, and DAZ "tech" is a moving target.

    When DAZ abandoned tri-ax weightmapping with Golum 3, it vindicated the decision that SM made not to integrate DAZ code into Poser.

    Converting the Golum (any version) to a Poser native figure is a 1 time, 2 minute process; no need to add code to Poser.

  • @ssgbryan

    Thank you for your comments..... Based on the reviews/articles that I have read, G3 character import into poser is not as clean as say V4. Do you know of processes/utilities that would allow seamless import of G3 characters into Poser (without touching daz3d program)..... The reason why I am so hung up on G3, is that daz3d does offer high quality items for G3 character (very similar to V4..... most of which I have already purchased).....

    any advice would be greatly appreciated.......

    thank you

  • @matrixvxg I gave up on Genesis after Genesis1/V5/M5, so don't know much about this, but there's a forum over at Renderosity devoted to Wildial's and Luluee's FREE utility for importing Genesis 3 characters into Poser.

    How it works, or for that matter how "well" it works, I have no idea, but you might find some answers there, or you could post and maybe get some answers that will help.

    Genesis 3 to Poser Free Utility Help Forum

  • @Miss-B

    Thank you very much for your note and the link... much appreciated....

  • @matrixvxg You're quite welcome. ~smile~

  • @matrixvxg

    Software Needed:
    Netherworks' Creator's Toybox (for cleaning up the character);
    Dimension3D's DSON Loader (to load .duf files) Free;
    DSON Importer (get the 11 series - the .12 has problems that haven't been fixed) Free;
    ScaleShowAllV4 (this works on any figure) Free;
    EZ-Skin 3.0 (to get skins looking correct in Poser) Free.

    I spent 6 months figuring out the best way to get the genesis out of DS and into Poser. Doing it without using DS is a bit more complicated, and you will be dealing with limitations that are avoided by simply exporting the figure out of DS (a 1 time deal) as a Poser-Native figure. You can avoid a lot of pain and screaming at Poser by simply exporting the figure out.

    But let's start at the beginning.....

    1. You need to understand going in that for many folks, the genesis 2 and later is a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) fail. What do I mean by that? I mean the total cost of of the figures are much more expensive, and you have less content to choose from, which also drives up the cost.

    What drives the cost of genesis up is the "iconic" shapes - if you can't get them for at least 70% off, I would recommend that you stay away. The other issue to figure is how few characters are actually made for those "iconic" shapes. Most only have 4 or 5, which when coupled with the cost of the base "iconic" shape = TCO fail. Example: Darius 6 Iconic shape $45.00 + 5 figures at $20.00 ea (average) = $29 per character. Even at 70% off, that adds up. And that doesn't include the HD nonsense.

    There are some good case uses for genesis in Poser - the original genesis still has the best non-humans (and this was what drove my 6 month learning experiment - Dario Fish's Aliens for Genesis 1 are the best thing going).

    1. You are going to spend a LOT of time cleaning up after the vendors, and dealing with all of the things that DAZ QA missed. I have over 1,000 genesis packages installed - NOT ONE has the Poser Companion Files (PCFs) in the correct folder - not ONE. Every vendor does their subfolders differently, because they are all special snowflakes and DAZ does not appear to either have standards or enforce the ones that they do have - stuff is scattered everywhere, which leads us to:

    2. You will need to know how the DS "file structure" works. It isn't hard, but because of how DS builds the figure, you need to understand how it works - there is no way around this, unless you don't mind figures that are well above 1Gb each. Fortunately, this is real easy to deal with, if you plan ahead. Don't be like me - plan ahead. You really don't want to be cleaning up 1,000 packages - trust me on this one.

    3. Getting genesis into Poser also requires understanding both DSON and the add-on framework for Poser. This part is very important. The add-on framework is 32-bit python. That means that there is a 2Gb memory limit and that limit affects EVERYTHING - anytime you access a .duf file, you will run into this.

    Don't let this scare you off - you can get genesis into Poser as a native figure, it simply requires you to do some planning before you get started. Bring order to the file structure as you install content and it becomes as easy as any other figure.

  • @ssgbryan thank you for one of the best explanation I have read on the application of genensis character in poser. It does emphasize my understanding of G3 limitations under Poser application.... Considering that Poser is a hobby (and addictive!), I will stay away from current and future "G" characters and instead continue using V4 (as I have been doing over the past 5 years). If at some point daz3d decides to create characters that would be read directly into Poser (like V3, V4, etc.) , then great..... otherwise, I will look for an alternate hobby.....

    Thanks again for taking time to provide detailed description..... This is much appreciated.... :c)