GPU operations slow on MacOS

  • Hiya:

    Just wondering if there is a way to speed up GPU operations on the MacOS side of things? It's not horrible, but just for fun I installed Windows 10 and CSP on my iMac and noticed things like transform, rotate canvas, image adjustments, etc are much slower in MacOS using the same hardware. I also have Photoshop CC installed on MacOS and the same operations are fine in that app on both OS's. Anyone else notice this? Is there a setting or special drivers for CSP / MacOS I'm not aware of?

  • It's not using openGL when it should be this needs to be fixed fast!
    Please contact support so we can get an update

    This is what i sent them:
    "Clip studio paint is not using opengl with the discrete graphics in my macbook pro (15-inch, 2016) with the Radeon pro 460
    The activity monitor states that it does require high performance graphics
    I used Apple's opengl monitor software to monitor utilization of the radeon pro 460
    It remained at 0% while drawing and lag is obvious."

  • I'm fairly sure they are aware of gpu support not being quite there on mac :/ this was reported on the Japanese support forum numerous times, and I run into random slowdowns occasionally now and than
    what typically helps getting CPS to perform smoother for me is going under help -> graphics performance check, this typically solves brush lag quite for a while .

    I hope they'll continue tweaking mac performance - 1.6.2 release notes mentioned enhancements for mac os in this regard, but there's room for improvement still.

  • bumping with a somewhat related question -
    does anyone else notice Clip performs better if navigator panel is not open on screen?

    I'm not sure if I'm imagining things, but this seems to be the case here (v. 1.6.2 on os x 10.9)