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  • Hi there, I'm new to Motion Artist but I love it. I've watched a lot of the tutorials but I thought it would be cool to have a page where we can share tips and help if needed.

    I've got an issue I need help with.

    When I preview my video in HTML5 it doesn't show the tilt that is in the animation on Motion Artist does anyone know why this might be?

  • Hi,
    Can be more specific?

  • I'm using a flat page, imported as a background and separating the panels as shown in the demo video. I'm not using auto camera but in the project settings I've set the automatic camera tilt to about 75%. In camera view when I run the animation you see the page tilt in between camera stop points but when I use the preview HTML5 the tilt isn't there. The camera follows the same path that I set out but it's just flat.

  • Wow, really strange. Try to export the project to html5 ( don't preview) and test if the problem continue.
    If you see the same problem, contact the technical service.

    Only one question: when you do the movements, you can see a points registered in the time line?, something like this example?

    ![alt text](0_1463239290202_Captura de pantalla 2016-05-14 a la(s) 11.17.40.jpg image url)

  • Yeah the points are there and like I said the tilt works fine in the camera view in Motion Artist just not in the preview.

    I'll try to render the animation completely and see how I get on.


  • You are welcome!

  • Ah, I rendered it to an MP4 and the tilt is there so perhaps it's something to do with the HTML5 preview.

  • Nope even if Iexport the HTML5 it still doesn't show the tilt. Very odd.

  • Well, contact the technical service, can be a bug.

  • It's great you created this post, I'm new too. And I'm having a problem with a PSD file I imported individually. Anytime I do a HTML5 preview, it renders grey, even though it's visible on the artboard. If you or anyone else can help me with this problem, it would be greatly appreciated.!3_1467675088437_Workspace2.JPG 2_1467675088436_Workspace1.JPG 1_1467675088436_HTML_PREV 2.JPG 0_1467675088436_HTML_PREV 1.JPG

  • Well I still don't understand why that particular layer won't work in the PSD file stack. But in troubleshooting, I found an easy work around by going to my photo editing software, making only that layer visible, and exporting it as a PNG file. When I re-imported it back into the panel all I had to do is put it back in it's right stacking order and resize it. From there the HTML5 Preview worked fine. So I'm happy to share this experience and tid-bit for anyone else who may run into a similar problem.

  • Anyone else doing interactive work with Motion Artist? The documentation is not fantastic but servicable. Interactive aspect is def something the release lacks. Great to hear of anyone else doing interactive work with this product.