Transparency bug in superfly?

  • Hello Poser fans

    I have this problem. Often I get this strange black arterfacts in superfly if I make some parts transparent of a cloth.

    This is a DSON imported sleeve for M6. I only want the forearm part of this sleeve and made the part I don't want transparent. But you see, in superfly it doesn't render correctly. In Firefly it works.

    Any ideas why or is this a bug?


  • @joker have you tried the physical root or Cycles root yet? You can have a go with my shader if you don't want to learn the cycles stuff but want to use the nodes.

  • you might first try setting transparency edge to 1 as well and see if that clears up your problem.

  • @ghostship Thank you for your ideas, but I tried with physical and cycling root and transparent edge now. It's always the same. this small parts don't get transparent.

    I think it's if transparent different objects are crossing each other. The crossing points or lines leave this black atrifakts. I obseerved this in other renderings also. Is it possible that the crossing points or lines of transparent objects make this black artefakts in superfly?

    Maybe it's only if DSON imported objects are crossed?

  • Here I use a transparent head for growing hair on M6. You see this black lines on his face. I think this lines are where the tranparent head is crossing the surface of the head of M6.


    In this case it's not a problem, I just can make the head on which I grow the hair invisible, then the black line are gone.


  • How many transparency bounces (and Max bounces) are you setting in SuperFly render settings?

    For the "invisible head" have you set it to not be visible in camera, ray trace and not casts shadows?

  • @amethystpendant Yeahh! Thank you :-)

    To uncheck "visible in camera" and "cast shadows solved the problem with the head! :-)

    For the the sleeve I needed to increase the max transparent bounces from 8 to 20 and now this black atrifakts ate away :-)

    thank you very much for your help :-)

  • @joker Glad I could help.