Yet more good news for Poser

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    What defines a "physical" book, though? How would you classify a audiobook recorded on a DVD, for example?

    You have a physical artifact; the DVD. Just like a real book, record, CD, DVD. Kindle allows some books to 'share', but the few I have in my library I am unable to share with my partner even though we have the same house. She would have to read them on my PC.

  • Its nothing new from DAZ but I think you have to expect this to gradually worsen. If DAZ wanted us to be able to share stuff easily from the get go it would be saving scenes as PZ2s. That way any scene created in one program could easily be opened in the other. They wanted it so Poser scenes could be opened in D|S but not the other way round. It makes it much easier to switch from Poser to D|S then D|S to Poser.

  • @Cobra I think the days of Poser and DAZ playing nicely together are long gone and they ain't coming back anytime soon. Still, I say that this shows the wisdom of SM's decision to not permanently tie their product to Genesis and az Studio.

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    @eclark1849 Yes it was. Poser should stay independent like DAZ choose his own way. Why tie your self on a third party plugin, application, character, content? Not really wise. Poser has his own strength, this where the Poser team should focus on.
    Like DAZ do it with DAZ studio and Genesis. I use both application ( while Poser is my big love) , like I use Vue, LW, Painter and many others also. It is great to have a choice :)

  • @Ladonna When I first started using Poser all those centuries ago, I liked using Poser in conjunction with Bryce 3D. I always thought Poser copied Bryce's camera controls. I didn't like those controls then and I'm still not too crazy about them now. But I wanted to make a video and Bryce's animation set up was easier to use and more robust than Poser.

  • @eclark18941 In the context I mentioned, it is that smelly paper thing with a spine and physical pages.

    An audio book is going to be licensed according to its media type (digital) and distribution model (CD, 'tape', download). Just because something has the word 'book' in it, doesn't mean it is like the smelly paper thing.

    A lot of older 'physical' media is going to be treated much like music was / is on CD. Your license by default is going to be limited to personal playback AND conditioned on the state of the media itself (if you break your CD, you don't have any special right to a replacement), unless the publisher specifically says you do in the license.

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    @eclark18941 Bryce I never liked. Try really hard, but never could get any nice render out of it. Later I switch to Carrara.
    Poser was my first 3d App. Version 4 :) Since this I am a Poser addict. DS i use because Genesis ..The character Olympia is my fav. one. She is the reason why i buy me in DS. But how I say, my main app is Poser. can spent days in the Cloth room and material room, doing experiments. for me neverending fun :)

  • @Ladonna Yeah, I started with Poser version 2. Still have the CD it came on and the manual. I should probably be a lot more advanced than I am.

  • @piersyf I sell my books on Kindle. I don't use DRM and never will! Don't believe in it. Most folks who read books aren't thieves, so I don't believe in punishing folks just because there are some who steal them. When you sell on Kindle, you have a choice whether or not to use the DRM. Nothing against those who do, but I choose to let my customers have backups, etc. I have to put everything I sell into .html format for them. When I send a Reader-Reviewer copy out, it's an unprotected .pdf so they can share it; I ask for an honest review in return. Never had anyone put my work up for sale anyplace and I've been doing this for years :) I believe if a crook wants my books, they will get them, DRM or not :(

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    @dannistories You are right. DRM sucks. I am a real bookworm. have at home a small bibliotheque with maybe 400+ books.
    They are all precious to me . I try e-books, but because of the DRM I was really very disappointed. Only bad experience. Not able to open e-books properly after I change my Tablet Some e-books don't work anymore. I stop buying e-books .