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    @tastiger I never feel offended by tasteful artistic nudity. When I see Photographs who portrait the human body in a beautiful artistic way, this is for me a hommage to the human body. Nothing insulting.
    Where I was as woman honestly offended, the Woman's march with their Pussy hats. Disgusting and insulting to every woman .Their chairwoman, Madonna, Milley, who insult every man as "dirty white old man" make their money with Porn on stage in front of children. But this is OT now ;)

  • This just reminds me of that early 2000's clip from Budweiser:

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    As to the previous posting about being unable to understand —one's gender being depicted "as meat" [unless female?]...Unless I've misunderstood, I consider that (with no malice) to be bogus, and to be playing the —assumed safe— victim, knowing fully that it is politically incorrect to oppose an injured stance viewpoint. I would posit that just about the entire catalog of known romance fiction (where the novels all sport objectified men (like Fabio) in absurd fantasy poses (for basically one reason only) is plenty reason to understand one's gender being depicted "as meat". It's a less than fair double standard to discount this.

    Personally, I'm in favor of descriptive links over NSFW shields; but that is because I'd rather not be downloading the files to begin with...(without some idea of what they depict); but this IS a render/Image thread, so of course viewing uploads should be expected, and links are kind of out of place; inconveniently take you away from the thread.

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    @mechanaut LMAO, this video is funny .
    As a very independent woman,with own brain , immune against any slogan from so called "we rescue the world from old , dirty white man" I know very well the bigot double standards from some so called "feminist" . ;)

  • @Ladonna Thank you Holy Mother Ladonna for speaking for all women. We should all be so lucky as to be as smugly self righteous as you. France is lucky to have you.

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    @able_baker said in Post Your SuperFly Renders:

    @Ladonna Thank you Holy Mother Ladonna for speaking for all women. We should all be so lucky as to be as smugly self righteous as you. France is lucky to have you.

    Pardon? Where I said I speak for all woman? I speak for my self . You can agree with it or not. But I don't go with you at this low level of discussion.

  • @Ladonna Yes, I certainly agree wholeheartedly with your general sentiment against professional victimhood Ladonna, but you still agree there IS a line, and where you draw it is as arbitrary as society in general. Personally, I think we'd be happier if we were all nude all the time, and had an attitude towards nudity and even sex more like some Eastern cultures.

    In reference to the quotes you offered, respectfully, they're just like, your opinions man (wo-man). But they do illustrate the issue. As you rightly point out, everything risks offending SOMEONE. If shvr set the level here at PG, there would still be some Muslims or Amish who got upset that ankles were showing. And if it was X, there'd be those who wanted to show animals or... well I'll leave it to your imagination. I kind of think that the level in an open forum should be around what you would place on an advertising hoarding, and then stronger in the art gallery. That is still exclusionary to some but it strikes a reasonable balance.

    I much prefer Cale's comment. I really agree that artistic expression enables all of us to explore a vital part of ourselves.

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    @matb Yes, you understand me well. There is a line, we already draw it. It is a compromise which is okay for both sides. There is no need to stretch this line further. Not from one and not from the other side.

  • I guess all I can add further is to say that it's because of restrictions and the need not to offend is why when I come up with anything half way decent (which is rarely these days) I refrain from posting on the "public" sites and use my own site - that way I only have to please myself and not worry if there is a nipple or worse showing, just in case I put a huge flashing warning on the landing page that informs folks that they will encounter artistic nudity on the following pages and gives them the option to leave.

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    @tastiger I have very, very rare pin ups and those are very decent. I stop to post regularly over Renderosity a few years ago , when somebody reported a image from me because Nudity Violence. It was a Ghost image with V4 full clothed , but my Ghost brushes ( buy at the MP from Ilona) offend somebody. They was to "nude" , what ever this means to her/him. Never get any decent answer why my photoshop ghost brushes are against the Nudity guidelines , so I stop uploading.

  • Just to avoid any confusion in my previous post, when I used the word decent, I was referring to the quality of the image and whether it is something I think is worthwhile sharing not that I tend to do pinups all the time. (let's face it - a quick look through the online galleries show a great amount of images that shouldn't see the light of day, particularly those with gravity defying breasts etc.)

    Actually in fact since the RDNA "merger" with DAZ and not being needed to test there anymore I have had more time to explore my other software and have transitioned somewhat more towards landscapes and SciFi inspired renders, now my challenge is to include some Poser figures in those renders, which I am lucky that Carrara, Vue and Mojoworld are relatively Poser friendly.