Organizing Gradient maps

  • I downloaded a lots of different Gradient maps and I'm looking for a way to organize them in my own sets (for example, picking a gradient in a set to put it in another set arranged by colors, stuff like that).
    Is it possible? Thanks in advance.

  • @rafchu Yes... but not super easy... In the Gradient Map window you click on the wrench icon and "create new set " call it e.g. REDS... now go to the imported gradient set and pick a red gradient and double click on it so that it becomes the gradient in the bar at the top of the window.... now go to the REDS gradient set and click the little gradient with a plus sign icon that is below the Gradient set... The item in that top bar gets added to the REDS set.... repeat for each gradient. Once you have re-organised ( copied) the imported sets then you can delete the original imported set.

  • Thank you very much 888toto, that's perfect! We can always count on you for great tips!