Bella and PE how soon?

  • The final Bella is a long awaited top notch figure for Poser. If you tested the betas and know his Angela figures, you will agree, because Ang2 gave you an idea about Ali's figure creation skills. Till now his Bella beta is allready now the best Poser figure ever published.

  • @masterstroke What makes her the best... in your opinion?

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    "Beauty" is personal matter.
    Ali listened to his beta testers and did a fine Job with the feedback he got. :-)

  • @masterstroke She is a very good figure - excellent, in fact. But, I'll reserve judgement for "best" until we see some 3rd party characters and some morphs.

    Bella has great potential, and as Vilters said, Ali paid attention to feedback and has done a superior job so far.

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    @Glitterati3D Exciting :) Time to have a new beauty .

  • @eclark1849 What makes her best - in my opinion, of course ;-) is, the well balanced JCM-system that give her natural joint bendings and a good smile. I know one smile might not be enough, but I know from Angela and Ang2 that Ali is very good with expressions. The default expression sets are a weak point on most figures. Even DAZ figures including my present favourit G3Figures have awefull basic expressions. Bella is not without flaws though, but they are easily adjustable. It looks like her Head is to small, her hands to big and her chest case is to big as well. Those things can be fixed without in depth knowledge of figure creation. Thanks to Vilters' comment at Rendo we got rid of the double Polygon issue on Bella. playing with the beta she looks very , very promising.

  • can't edit my post, darn. I mean the JCM has of course nothing to do with her smile <g> ;-)

  • And, see, this is why the figures always fail. There's no need to smack another figure to upsell the one you like.

    By golly, just imagine if vendors actually gave us great figures for Dawn, Project E AND Bella.

    Choice, instead of tunnel vision, is such an amazing concept.

  • @masterstroke See, I'm having trouble picturing this figure because no figure is going to please everyone. Hell, even the perfect human body isn't perfect. If God had listened to what some of you had said about figures like Dawn, Roxie or Scarlet, he'd have given up and gone home.

  • @eclark1849 I plan to support all 3 figures as long as it is feasible to do so (can't know until ProjectE and Bella are actually released).

    It will be really nice, for a change, to put 2 females in a render that don't look like they share the same DNA.

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    I really like Bella. I can't say technically why but I really like her smile. I had fun playing with her and WANT to design for her.
    I find her "appealing and fun". It's not a technical assessment but I found it refreshing to actually enjoy working with her.
    Looking forward to her release.