How to import skinned FBX (or DAE) files

  • I am getting a lot of problems trying to import already rigged models into Poser Pro 11.
    No matter how much info I search, I always find outdated info about not being possible and having to rerig the whole model on Poser. But I know that's now possible since Pro version supports FBX skinned models as well as DAE.
    My main problem its that everytime I try to import my model, it comes as a mess of glitched triangles. The info from bones seems to be there as I can see on the Animation Palette the frames and such but things arent working as they should. I cant either find any info related to how the FBX or Collada format has to be configured in order to be imported properly into Poser like axis orientation, FBX version, etc...

    PS: Rigging the model in Poser isnt an option as its already rigged in 3D Max. Im just searching a way of importing models with skin and animations to modify and export as BVH. Thanks.

  • Are you sure your model definition is OK? Did you try it in other applications?
    For me .fbx import works fine. Below moel came from Mixamo and imported like a breeze.
    Channels of course are the raw ones so it takes a little experimenting to find whether you must use xrotate, yrotate or zrotate to bend the arms, but functions are there.

  • @F_Verbaas not sure what you mean by model definition. I'm trying to know the requirements for a model to be imported. I really don't understand why it can't simply import a rigged model that works on every single other app. One expect to be able to import rigged models for animating there so you can save the animation from poser. It's an animation software after all. Not sure why it needs special requirements. Anyway I hear whatever suggestions you have. Thanks.

  • So you are saying you have verified the model that you use imports well in other applications such as AutoDesk's FBXViewer.
    That would answer my question then: your file is not corrupted.

    I tried various .fbx documents that came with the Autodesk FBX converter.

    The Zombie imported fine, at scale 1000% was 2.5 m tall (about average for a zombie) and was animated all right. Only the eyes were misplaced.

    Poor Pepe_Mocap imported with the geometry X-rotated 90 degrees relative to the rigging:

    Roger_CharacterFace imported as a complete mess, maybe not unlike what you got.

    Obviously the FBX format allows for a lot of 'variety' in definition that is not all fixed up in the Autodesk libray. Best bring this with Smith-Micro suport. The binary FBX definition itself AFAIK is proprietary to Autodesk and not published, but they may know which oddities are supported.

  • @F_Verbaas That second pic it´s similar to what I get :). I just wish I could find somewhere a guide or some specifications as what requirements are necessary for a model to be imported. I am only for the animation. I wonder I could import just the skeleton without mesh and export the animation as BVH without doing anything else. Have to try that.

  • @KittyShanny
    I am with you there. It really is too much guess and miss.

  • I believe the source FBX has to be properly rigged and exported. Why I say this is because I purchased FBX models from the studio of a commercial anime series from Japan. I had little trouble using them in Poser Pro 2014, although i had to adjust the eyeball rigging and material settings. I could even pose the figure and change the expressions on the figure. All inside Poser. Here are my example Poser renders of one of the imported FBX figures.2_1463409672138_Kunato_redo3.jpg 1_1463409672138_Kunato_redo.jpg 0_1463409672137_Kunato.jpg

  • @ibr_remote I work as professional. The model it's perfectly rigged and works perfectly in different game engines. It can also be imported between different apps. It's just poser being retard lol.

  • @KittyShanny LOL ok ..... good luck with your project ! :-D