Now background pictures won't insert any more

  • For some reason, Poser Pro 11 now fails to insert a background picture, whereas previously this worked just fine. I've also tried to insert a movie as an experiment to see if I could insert anything at all in the background, but the movie also failed to insert. I then tried a picture again.
    On Display, the "Show Background Picture" is ticked.

    However, in the Edit menu, it shows "Edit: Undo Import Background Image", which seems to indicate that an image WAS imported.

    I'm also unable to find what size images should be framed at for insertion into the Poser window, and haven't yet found this in the reference manual.

    I'd be grateful for any help here!

  • I just tried it and it worked fine. Of course you have to make the construct invisible to see the image. I just hit 'insert background image', selected one from the library, Poser asked if I wanted to change the window size to suit, I hit 'yes', the image loaded but was not visible. I made the construct invisible, and there was the image.

  • So how do you make the construct invisible, can't find it in the P11 pro manual

  • Click the eye icon in the scene hierarchy.

    0_1492222646279_construct hierarchy.JPG

  • Thanks I've use P4, 5 , 6 and 10, but P 11 is the first pro version I've used. and I'm loving it.

  • @piersyf Thanks ... I'm a noobie, finally got there though.

  • No probs, glad I could help. I think we're all noobs in some aspect of Poser or another...

  • I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but don't forget that the Construct is basically a large sphere turned inside out. That means you're always looking at the back half of a sphere as the ground and sky.

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    Click Ctrl+G to hide the Poser11 background. (and Ctrl+G again to get it back).

    Many tips and tricks about the Poser11 Ground can be found in my video series on YouTube.