How do you re-center "Target Center" (the invisible circle around character) Poser 11

  • Hi, does anyone know how to re-center the target center, or origin for a model? I can't seem to re position it and when i move the mesh everything distorts and becomes jagged once out side the circle.

  • If you have only used the posing tools to move the figure then you would return the figure to it's centre by using the restore command

    Main Menu – Edit – Restore – Figure.

    Perhaps the figure is distorting due to IK (Inverse Kinematics) which will always point to their origin within the figure circle.

    If you need to move the figure from the centre of the scene while keeping it in the figure circle you can place your mouse over the circle, left mouse click on its boundary and drag it.
    select the figures body and use the X Y and Z Tran on the parameters tab to move the figure to the desired location and then pose it while keeping it within the figure circle boundary.