New to Poser....takes some getting used to. Issue: Skin tone between face and body.

  • Hello. I am Using SimonG2 in Poser 10. I have the same nodes for the face skin as I do the body. i have them connected to the same inputs. As a matter of fact I have triple checked that every setting matches between the two skin tones....and they are not even close. Face is orange, body is pink.

    Any ideas? Or, better yet, is there a "Select all Skins" node or function? That would be darned handy.0_1463291656607_colored skin wierdness.png

  • That looks like a different head texture map - apart from the different colour, it also seems to have a black scalp area matching the hair you've applied. Did you intend to use the standard SimonG2 textures? If so, the head texture map should be called SimonHeadTex.jpg. It renders in Firefly like this:-


  • It looks like you took him into the face room and morphed him and then hit apply to figure. This creates a new material zone for the face called 'faceroom skin' and a new texture for the face that doesn't match the body. You have 3 options to correct this. Redo the morph on a new Simon and click on apply shape only. Copy the texture from the face material zone so it matches the body. Or try to adjust the shaders so the colors match. I don't know if the last is possible unless you are quite adept in the material room.

  • I have the same problem every time I load a specific V4 texture. As far as I can see every setting for the face texture matches the body texture (except the image maps of course).
    The only solution I've found is to copy the body texture to the face and manually set all the image maps back to the face textures. If I take a screenshot of the face shader before and after it's identical. But before it renders wrongly, whereas after it renders correctly.
    Go figure!

  • Thanks All!! Quick responses and they led me to the solution. Clicked on the "Use original texture" button under face texture AND then applied texture only, so it lined up with newly morphed face. Still have two skin options, but not the underlying texture matches. 0_1463320396674_new texture.png