The Best (Realistic) Clothing and Environments

  • Hi folks,

    I'm looking for recommendations for the best clothing items and environments out there. They must be realistic (no sci-fi or fantasy this time, thank you). I like clothes with materials I can use out of the box, but I really enjoy clothes which can take drag/drop materials from the library. Stockings have always been a pain in my experience, as I use third-party morphs and scaling for my characters and they never seem to fit tight enough, so that's a specific one I'm looking for; a top quality pair of stockings which will be easy to add figure morphs to through PP2014's morph features without mashing up the mesh or causing pokethrough.

    As for environments, I'm pretty relaxed about this, as I like my characters visiting new places. I'd be very excited to see good outdoor scenes, such as urban and suburban areas, parks, places like that. I'm also looking for environments with a distinctly British feel to them. Indoor environments are good too, but one thing I've noticed is the amount of indoor scenes which don't come with lighting... that's an annoyance, but if the scene is really good, I could cope with putting in the extra time to create the lights from scratch. One example of an outdoor environment I'd be interested in is a British train station. I've seen one for DS and would absolutely love it for Poser, but could never get it to work and have since lost it anyway.

    Bonus points for real-world right-hand-drive vehicles of all kinds!

    As the title suggests, these will be the best of the best, worth the money (or more) and be items I could use over and over again in my work.

    Aside from what I've mentioned, nothing at all is off-limits, so please do feel free to link to your favourites!

    (Clothing items must be for Gen 4 figures, please. Also, no DSON-only items, please).

    Let's see what pops up here!

    Thank you, folks! :)

  • As far as really great, out of the box environments, check out dreamland models over at Renderosity. They have some nice sets. I don't know how Britsh they are as I'm not familiar with Brittan. As far as the rest, I don't know. I rarely use stuff without tweaking it. I never find stuff exactly like I want it.

    A thought on the cars, if they don't show any text and otherwise look good but are left hand drive, you could scale the xscale to -100 and the car will be reversed.

  • If you want realistic garments to drag-frop materials on you may want to try my stuff here at CP and in rendo freestuff. If is all zero-price, drawn usually drawn from real life examples als realistic.
    UV's are unstretched so universal drag-drop from library and some scaling will do the trick.
    It is not specifically made for gen 4 but all dynamic so easily converted in the cloth room if must.

  • @redphantom
    As are the UV's; licence plates reversed, maker logos reversed, and BTW, when a left hand drive vehicle is converted to RHD (or vice-versa) the controls are usually ported as they are. In other words, if the indicator stick is on the left for a LHD vehicle, it stay on the left for a RHD vehicle.
    It can also flip the normals in the viewport, making it pretty hard to select things.

  • Thanks for the responses so far folks, you've given me some things to look out for. :)