• @ghostship said in EZBBHair:

    @amethystpendant An idea: Create two shaders. Shader one will have the hairs going up and down and shader two will have the hairs going right to left. This way you could load in the appropriate shader for the zone and save the definition. Still would not work for hair with mixed directions such as Fabiana's KiriTe.

    So have bb_vHair and bb_hHair mats, yep that's doable. I also tried KiriTe and it was a bomb, lovely mesh but doesn't lend its self to this shader :(

  • @amethystpendant That's too bad, as I love KiriTe II, and use it often.

  • @amethystpendant

    Thank you so much for this add-on. I've just started to explore it and I have to say that it's awesome.
    Here on the left: using EZSkin3's Superfly, and the right: using EZBBHair.
    alt text

  • @Y-Phil Hey It's good to see you back on!
    I'd suggest using a different texture map that does not have the burnt in highlights or try the procedural method for texturing with that shader.

  • @ghostship

    Yes: it's cool to have at least a little free time :D
    That being said: you are absolutely right for the texture, but it's doing miracles with the default one.
    A true pleasure for me ;-)

  • Finally found time to play with this. Very nice...

    Scott hair before and after. The color is not a perfect match, but you get the idea.


  • and another. Alex Hair.
    0_1497956498459_Alex Hair BB Shader.png

  • @amethystpendant Sadly I am not having the same kind of luck as everybody else here. The one hair model that I've tried it, it does not appear to work at all.

    My first question - On the main screen of EZ Skin 3, under the section titled "Process", do you need to have one, some, none, or all of the Processes checked off?

  • @mr_phoenyxx 1) you need to know before running the script if the hair maps run vertical or horizontal, there are controls for selecting which way the procedural strands run. if the maps are mixed direction you'd want to avoid using the procedural strands and stick with the texture maps for the hair.

    1. each model is unique and the script needs to n ow what it's looking at. There is an edit button that gets you a section for setting up the script so it knows where to place the various shaders. You can save this setup as a figure definition so you won't have to go through that every time you load that particular hair model.
      3)it is possible that the script is confused by the initial hair shader setup as it has to find the color and transparency maps and may also encounter other maps that are on the original like spec and bump maps. It might be confused. In this case I would manualy strip everything down on the original shader down to just the basic texture and trans maps plugged into the Poser surface. It should be able to figure out that and create a new shader for you then.

  • @ghostship 1) I have no idea what you mean by "hair maps vertical or horizontal".

    The issue appears to be if there are 2 separate root nodes: one for FF and one for SF. The script does not appear to hook everything up properly in this scenario. I deleted one root node and it seems to work better now.