Undeletable data corpes in Poser

  • Hello

    I always get undeletable figures in Poser like this Armreif R or Genesis 2 Male. You can see in the picture below. I don't get rid of it anymore

    When I export the figure I want as partial secene without this strange objects, and I import it into an other scene, poser crashes as soon I want to save the scene.

    Does anybody knows how I can delete this strange objects. This objekts are like ghost from deleted objects.


  • Am I the only one who has these undeletable objects?

  • @joker said in Undeletable data corpes in Poser:

    Am I the only one who has these undeletable objects?

    That is quite possible - as there don’t seem to be a huge number of people here and even less that use the dson plugin or the genesis figures.

    I don't get many issues with Genesis or Genesis 2 in Poser but I don't use them all that much.

    I’ve only seen the red ghost twice;
    once when the daz dson plugin failed to find an item > Fix – make sure Poser can find the Poser Runtime and daz studio runtime where the item is stored

    – and the other occasion –

    Was when the daz dson plugin just stopped responding > Fix – reload poser and start over.

    You may get more help at the Hivewire forum as they have a better mix of Poser and Daz Studio users and they may have seen the error.

    Just a suggestion if you do ask over at the Hivewire forum:
    try and give as much information about the steps you have taken prior to the strange objects being generated. ie

    Which version of poser are you using and also which version of the daz studio and dson plugin.

    Are you using the daz DSON plugin to import the figure or Dimention 3Ds DSON Loader.

    How are you saving the figure – do you export to a different format.

    Are you using the morph brush or using GoZ.

    Which clothing are you applying and are you deleting items – that may be generating the ghost.

    Is the ghost being generated when apply a pre-set.

    Etc etc.

    The more info you can give them the more likely someone would be able to help you.

    hope you get a solution

  • Try clearing the DSON cache ?

  • Sometimes it can just be a matter of changing the figure's skinning type in the figure menu, or even the subdivision settings in the DSON importer to remove the outline.

  • @raven You sure? I tried changing the skinning on G2 and the figure turned black and would not render.

  • Thank you very much for your answers.

    It sounds like a not easy to solve issue. I can live with this. I get this ghost data when I delete figures. I just have to pay attention as soon as I get them to not save the file and load the version without this ghost data :-)

  • @ghostship I've only seen the black skin appear when using the Poser Unimesh Skinning Method rather than switching the subdivision using the DSON plug in and only with a few characters (the ones from daz that just come with skin textures and dialled morphs)

  • @joker I did try loading multiple G2Males, applying poses, clothes, deleting one figure or an item of clothing, then loading, deleting, exporting partial scenes, loading the partial scenes, then again deleting figures - loading figures etc etc.
    But sadly I couldn't get the error to occur, I did try really hard to break it lol, sorry I wasn't much help

  • @ghostship I may be wrong about the skinning, I was sure I had read that a long while ago. However I did do a quick try with a Genesis 2 figure, and when I got an outline of the pose and the main figure in t-pose, I changed the subdivision to off in the DSON script and the outline figure disappeared. Render just gave the posed figure.

  • Odd question.

    When you get the un deleted ghost figure, do you have a Fitting Room Session active that has not been deleted?

  • That was my first thought too. I suspect those are remnants of a fitting room session that hasn't been deleted.