Saving in .clip too slow

  • Hello!
    I have a little problem with saving in .clip format.

    Recently, saving in .clip makes the software into a "not responding" state for a short duration before saving. Making the saving time around 5-10 sec.
    However, saving in .psd or any other format is instant.

    Does anyone know why the .clip format suddenly seems to have difficulties to save? It's really annoying to wait that time, especially since I save really foten and when the page is only one layer large.


  • Mine does the same thing. The screen goes black sometimes when saving big story files, or doing a complicated fill. Sometimes when the software finishes saving, I end up on a different window, like firefox or something.
    I am on windows 10 with lots of memory sorted to the software.

  • I see what you mean but it's only a blank page here.

    After test, believe it or not... it's actually linked to gaming. And more exactly, steam games. After launching one, CSP has this strange save bug. Other games don't seem to do that.
    I except some strange memory leak from steam or something. Reinstalling it right now to test.

    However, I found out that just quitting my user session on the computer and entering back right away fix the issue. But that's definitely weird.

  • @lacke
    Interesting. Windows 10 has issues as well I think. I have not used steam since Mass Effect:Andromeda has released. Origin is the only game software that autostarts recently. But will try stopping a few programs to see if things are better.
    Good luck.

  • @michaelsammler I am on W7 actually. Also, the programs were clearly closed. So I don't know why it does that. And after a reinstall, the problem still here.
    So yeah, that's strange but as I said, I at least found where it comes from and a way to counter it.
    Would prefer to fix it but heh, that's already that :p

  • Found the problem.
    It was made by Avast Gaming hook. A Game boosting app they added quietly with the last update.
    I uninstalled it and everything is fine now :)

  • @lacke Thanks for getting back and posting your results.