PoserPro 11 64 bit start up error in Win 10

  • I've installed PoserPro 11 V on my Win10 machine and get a start up error with the 64 bit version of Poser.exe. While the splash screen is displaying and Win error box pops up indicating program Poser.exe had stopped working. Compatibility trouble shooter indicates its an incompatible application. Same behavior running as Admin, under Win8 and Win 7.

    32 bit version starts up OK but I get this problem with the 64 bit version whether 32 bit is installed or not. Have tried deleting prefs, uninstall reinstall, checked firewall for blocking app all to no avail.

    Any solutions out there?

  • Hi there,

    Please contact Smith Micro customer support. You can email them at cs@smithmicro.com

  • Yep, that seems about right, wait four days then if no one here can sort suggest support, they will sit on it for 2 days then ask you if the 32 bit version loads okay, you say yes, I already told you that, they sit on it for 2 days.... i'm guessing the OP either sorted the issue, gave up on Poser or is using the 32 bit version. This is the forum for the makers of this software, if someone has just bought your software and can't get it working, you should be over it like a rash! Poser is (a lot of the time) great, support is rubbish, I've had better response from people who release free software than SM "Support"