Cursor disappearing when moving?

  • Has anyone ran into this problem?
    Whenever I move the cursor via tablet to draw whatever, it'll flicker out when moving and then show when not moving the cursor. Its like its constantly rendering where my cursor is. very distracting and when making quick strokes, its hard to tell where the cursor is as it flickers all over the place.

    Using Windows 10 creator update.
    Using WinTab with tablet pen service disabled.
    Huion H610pro.

    Works fine in krita and photoshop with no brush lag or issues. Its just the latest clip studio.

    Whats odd is it used to work completely fine with no flickering a few months back but I uninstalled and reformatted that drive. Now Im running into this. It was windows 10 too. However now its the creator update.

    Anyone know of a fix?

  • I also have a problem with the clip, but I use a normal non-lcd tablet. When doing the details, the cursor is curled, as shown here in the video.