How can I suppress bending?

  • I am rigging Pauline up with some extra bones for earrings, bracelets, anklets etc. When exporting it is more easy to have them as body parts than as parented props, and in this way they do not clog up my list of actors. With a bone, I can just move say a bracelet in
    The bracelet bones, for example are a child of their respective forearm. Default join set-up in a figure is to support bending, so understod, but why do I still see bending in the forarm when I un-check bending in the parameters palette?
    To let the bracelet swivel freely around the arm I now have to go into the joint setup, create a spherical zone and make the zones so small the arm geometry is not affected, and do that for every channel.
    Isn't there a simpler way?

  • There probably is a simpler way than what I'm about to describe to you but as I've never done what you're asking I could be off base: Have you tried using the chain brake? I think that's what it's for - I don't use it much at all so I could be wrong there. Otherwise, use Weight maps not spherical/capsule falloff zones. They are far easier /faster to setup and they can be copied and pasted for each rotation in a few seconds.

  • @Teyon Thank you for the advice.
    The chain break tool relates to Inverse kinematics and limits the extent to where the movement imposed on the end-bone of the IK chain affects the pose. However it works on the movement of the bones, where my problem is with geometry.
    Thank you for the hint on weight map copy-paste. It works perfectly. For the bracelet I select I want only want the forarm affected and one sweep of the brush with magnitude 1.0 suffices to kill all the response in the vertices of the forearm.

  • Cool. Thanks for that, I always forget. Good to know the weight mapping helped out. I had a feeling that'd be the better way to go.