How Can I Relocate the "CELSYS_EN" folder?

  • I installed Clip Studio on my Microsoft Surface Book, and it automatically put the CELSYS_EN folder inside the Microsoft OneDrive (cloud storage); which could end up being very convenient - if I can figure out how to move the CELSYS_EN location on my desktop installation to the same drive. Is there a way to do this easily? I didn't want to uninstall Clip Studio to do it, but I'm thinking that's how I need to.

    Since I work on both desktop and my surface book, having materials and tools synced automatically would be amazing; hopefully someone out there can help! Thanks!

  • Does it want to do "building environment" every time you launch CSP? That's what another user reported happening with the folder in the cloud on OneDrive.

    As for relocating it, open the CLIP STUDIO "Assets" app. Under the "gear" icon in the upper right and select "Location of Materials" from the drop-down menu. You can point it somewhere else, however if you try to point it to any location that another installation is already using it pops up an error dialog that says "This process cannot be executed as a folder called 'Material' or 'Document' already exists in the specified location."

    It would seem that normally separate installations are not supposed to share resources. But I have a work-around. I haven't tested this with a network drive or cloud storage, just a local drive. And obviously if you do this you do so at your own risk and I don't know if Celsys or Smith Micro customer service will help you if it goes wrong since you're creating a "non-standard installation." Ok, disclaimer out of the way...

    With a local drive you can just rename or delete the "Documents" and "Materials" in the "CLIPStudioCommon" folder you want to share, then retry pointing the second Clip Studio installation to that location, it won't give you the warning and you can confirm the move. It will copy the second installation's documents and materials into the first installation's location.

    Then, in the first installation you have to use the "Maintenance Menu" under the Clip Studio assets "gear" and run both "Organize Materials" and "Organize Materials Folders" and the two installations should now be using the same Documents, Materials, Materials Folders, Tags, and (some) Preferences.

    However, this only shares Documents and Materials. Custom tools like brushes, color sets, WorkSpaces, etc., exist one level up in the "CLIPStudioPaintVer1_5_0" folder, and each installation will still have it's own (which isn't a bad thing, you might want different WorkSpace settings on a desktop and laptop, for example).

    I haven't tested this to see if "Reset" or "Sync" Materials from Cloud cause problems with it or not. I strongly recommend that you back up the "CLIPStudioCommon" folder for each installation before you do this, so you can quickly restore it to a standard installation if something goes wrong (like this work-around doesn't play nice with OneDrive) and you need to get back to square one. Also, anytime you mess with the Materials folder or database you have to re-run the "Organize" operations from the "Maintenance Menu" before you'll see what you changed reflected in the apps.

  • Hi OffWorld -

    So far I haven't had any issues with it being in OneDrive. I did experience a new "building environment" sequence after I purposely copied the CELSYS_EN folder from my desktop to my laptop installation, but only once.

    Thank you for your help!