New to Clip Studio - dual monitor question

  • I am demoing Clip Studio with a new Yiynova 20" tablet monitor I purchased.

    I'm running Mac OS, 10.11.6.

    I have the Yiynova monitor setup "under" the iMac monitor in the monitor control panel.

    When I use Clip Studio I need to drag the drawing window and palettes down to the yiynova screen every time. Is there is way to automatically have the Clip Studio app remain on the second monitor so I don't have to keep moving it overtime I draw?

    Also, the top menu for clip studio remains on the iMac monitor and when i wish to access it I have to go to that monitor?

    Any suggestions?

  • I have a yiynova also on an iMac. If I remember correctly here is what you do:
    turn on both
    create new space you should have e spaces
    right click the clip studio icon in the dock
    select options
    select desktop3 on display 2
    Startup clip studio, it should all open on the Yiynova.

  • oops that should say 3 spaces not e spaces

  • OK, I have tried the above but it still does not work the way I think is should (?). Below are screen shots of my iMac screen (top) and the Yiynova (bottom)

    (images below) I can't find any way to move the topmost clip studio many and the rightmost clip studio menu's onto the yiynova screen.

    I'm running Mac OS 10.11.6



  • Go into Mac display settings and make the Yinova the primary display. The command bar will show up on it then.

  • Did you right-click the clip studio icon in the dock and from options select "Desktop 3 on Display 2"? Before starting up clip studio. Also if you have the yiynova display beside the iMac display in display prefs you get the dock showing up at the bottom of the yiynova screen when using it.


  • Your Mission control prefs should look like this:
    0_1492618236117_Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 11.08.20.png

  • Thanks but nothing is working. Every time I launch this app I have to move everything manually and the main menu bar stays on my monitor.

    Too much hassle.

  • Very strange. I have the same hardware as you and running OSX Sierra and clip studio displays onto my yiynova without trouble. After I set up mission control and my 3 spaces the setting the third desktop to display2 and put Clip studio in the dock and selected options> desktop3 display 2, I've had no trouble. Do a search for mission control 101: how to use multiple Desktops. Maybe I'm not explaining clearly.